Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Belated Trans Parent Day!

The first Sunday of November marks Trans Parent Day! An innovative and new holiday to celebrate the unique relationship between a transgender parent and their children. Trans parent day is an opportunity to celebrate parents without adhering to the gender stereotypes traditionally associated with mothers and fathers day.

Check out Trans Parent Day for stories, resources, and to connect with others.


Isaac said...

Bad date. November 2nd is Soul's Day, and it's already a day for remembering dead grandparents.

Queers United said...

It was yesterday which was the 1st, this is a belated post.

Isaac said...

Worse, November 1st is Hallows Day. This holiday's born with an artificial handicap for making it harder to extend to countries of Catholic tradition, in the same way that Coming Out Day and AVED (Asexuality Visibility and Education Day) have for Spanish speaking countries for the very date.

Sheila Putang said...

I think its a great thing that they are making a holiday out of this... Who cares what day it lands on.. if you go through the Calendar you will find something lands on something.

Throwing Knives said...

its really great posting here. thanks for sharing this with us. i like it very much.

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