Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dealing With Hecklers

Hey Folks,

We have had some hecklers here spouting homophobic stuff. Everyone is entitled to their free speech. I would ask my regular readers though to ignore these comments and go on with the regular dialogue, they are looking to rile you up and get you annoyed. They will get quite bored if they realize nobody cares what they have to say.

Peace, Love, and Queer Liberation my friends!


phd in yogurtry said...

Good advice. Even I received a drive by. I promptly delete these, however. I found some advice (posted about it, a couple months ago) that the best way to handle these aggressive, vile drive by attacks is to simply delete. They aren't an opinion, they aren't a comment, they are an assault. My two cents.

David said...

quite sad how people resort to online bullying huh? if you can even call it bullying. more like pathetic attempts to make you feel inferior.

LGBTQIA pride!! :)

Laurie said...

You got it BABE! For you I will not resort
to making any sort of attempt to (as the
great Ron White says) FIX STUPID.



Queers United said...

Thanks guys =) said...

LOL -- what a dumb ass.

I wonder if his mom knows he snuck out of his room in the basement to use the neighbor's computer again?

tsk tsk.

Phil said...

Anonymity makes people awfully brave. Just keep on keeping on! I'll still be reading. :)

Anonymous said...

Queer, It just goes to show you ignorance is bliss for some. For others stupid is as stupid does.

Hang in there
C. said...

Hang in there and continue sharing the love and being Proud. I don't know about you but getting heckled only makes me that much more of an activist and empowers me to promote EQUALITY!

GDad said...


Delete without mercy is my policy. If I could, I'd delete the spammers, but that is, technologically speaking, difficult.

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