Tuesday, September 2, 2008

South African Guesthouse Discriminates Against Gays

"A gay couple is livid after allegedly being turned away by a guesthouse because the lodge did not have a policy on homosexuals. Lindani Mchunu and a gay friend, Lebogang Modise, feel downhearted and discriminated against because they were forced to drive through the night after they were allegedly rejected by the management at Dikolobe Guesthouse in Seabe village, northeast of Pretoria.

Modise said yesterday that they arrived at the guesthouse on Wednesday night – exhausted and hungry.

“We wanted to book as a couple and management told us they did not cater for gay people,” he said" (Gay Agenda)

Dikolobe Guesthouse Contact Info:

E-Mail : kmochusi@yahoo.com

Information : +27 (0) 72 459 1861



Laurie said...

Ya know, I'm sure their money spends just
the same as others. This is bad PR for that
place. Just wait till the management has the
same thing happen to them.


Queers United said...

As soon as they see how many emails they get, I think they will regret their decision. LGBT tourism is HUGE!

Jo said...

I would turn away faggots too. I am sending them a letter of support.

All you have to do is lie and say you are full. And the faggots would have left.

Connor said...

I think it is terrible to refuse people a stay in a place like this. It is just like saying black people or women can't stay somewhere. Outdated and disgustingly prejudice.

Also, on a different note, there seems to be a ton of comments popping up that are discriminatory and cruel. Such as the one above mine in here and the Anonymous person who is extremely cruel in the the "Word of the Gay: Gay Lisp" post. Is there anyway to stop all these people from adding such hateful comments on this blog. It is very disconcerting and hurtful when you go to a gay blog and see "faggot" posted everywhere. Anything we can do?

jo said...

Shut the fuck up you censoring faggot. You don't like prejudice? Well be normal like everyone else.

You said...

Why are jerks like you even on this site?! What is in it for you? Unless you are just super far in the closet. Go to your own fucking blog or shut the hell up. You are right I do not like prejudice but I deal with it from morons like you every day. And nobody needs that on a site devoted to them. So if you are going to be so disgustingly rude then get lost. Otherwise come say faggot to my face so that I can kick your fucking skull in. All you prejudice bastards deserve as much.


You're sick. Mentally sick. Something you were exposed to while socializing growing up has really fucked you up.

You're not normal. You're fucking sick.

I'm not going anywhere. Baiting filthy shit eating faggots is fun. I'm enjoying watching you bastards fucking have your little delusional bubble broken into. The fact is billions think you're sick.

Just because you live in a country where you've strongarmed your lobby into political power and enforced PC silence on us, doesn't mean we all don't silently think you're fucking disgusting in the privacy of our own thoughts.

You're a camp novelty, a fucking joke, at best. At worst, a fucking threat to the survival of the species, and a traitor to the thousands of generations of hetero couple breeding pairs that carried your DNA from early man to 2008.

You spit on family values... and for that, you get stigma, and spat on, and its rightly fucking deserved you fucking treacherous cunt.

You can fucking coercively enforce public silence and squash criticism of your destructive lifestyle all you like, the private reality for americans is that you are sick. And guess what, america is 5 percent of the world, and majority in america think you're sick. Know you are sick rather, and the billions of other human beings who know how they got here, unequivocally think you are an obscenity.

And you fuckin are.

DIE FAGGOT. HATE HATE HATE? WHY? Is it 'irrational' to hate the fucking sick cunts who if we all became like you we'd go extinct? No! Faggots have stopped more happy lives occurring than fucking hitler.

How many families have you destroyed, parents have you disgusted, fucking ruined kids by bringing them up as faggots and promoting the gay lifestyle to minors. You're fucking sick.

You people spit on the family. You spit on continuity of the human race.

And people who unilaterally decide to launch attacks on the family and on civilization's mainstay, get stigmatized. And rightly so.

All you've done is enforce a coerced wall of silence around stigma that will always exist.

Fuck you faggots. I'll see you tomorrow for some more reality checks from the last place we can speak freely without you fucking faggots coercing normal people to fucking tolerate your shit.

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