Thursday, February 5, 2009

9th Circuit Court says Defense of Marriage Act is Unconstitutional!

A ruling by Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says the Defense of Marriage Act is discriminatory and unconstitutional because it denies partner benefits to spouses of gay federal employees.

"The denial of federal benefits to same-sex spouses cannot be justified simply by a distaste for or disapproval of same-sex marriage or a desire to deprive same-sex spouses benefits available to other spouses in order to discourage exercising a legal right afforded them by the state," Reinhardt wrote in his Feb. 2 order....

Both orders are internal employee grievance decisions. Both found in favor of the gay employees, directing court administrators to give health insurance benefits to their spouses. The orders also represent direct challenges to DOMA, the 1996 act that forbids the federal government from treating same-sex relationships as marriages for any purpose.

A lawyer for the staff attorney said this is believed to be the first time federal employees will get benefits covering a same-sex spouse (Pam's House Blend).

Tell Obama to follow the lead of the 9th circuit court and to act on his promise to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

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Truthspew said...

The 9th is one of the more traditionally liberal courts in the land. Love em' for that.

I hope this makes it up to the USSC.

Scot said...

Great news q.u. Thanks for brightening my day.

libhom said...

I know this is off topic, but Iceland has the world's first openly queer head of state.


Anonymous said...

Hey Queers United, why two white fems in the pic for this article? :(
How about some pics of Queer Lesbians gettin married!!!
But, I'm happy for the good news.........

Queers United said...

Anonymous I think you will find a variety of photos on the blog showing a diversity of people.

Laurie said...

YEAHOO!!!!! WOO!!! I like that judge :)


Buffy said...

Be prepared for the collective screech of protest from the Bigot Brigade.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! I like me that judge too! Let's hope it starts a wave that will overturn DOMA!!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice for Obama to get on the bandwagon and say he agrees with eliminating DOMA and put pressure on it being overturned.

I would like to marry a foreign friend, but it doesn't help either of us unless DOMA is repealed.


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