Thursday, February 19, 2009

Organization Spotlight: Intersex Initiative

Intersex Initiative is a Portland, Oregon based national activist and advocacy organization for people born with intersex conditions. It was founded by Emi Koyama, a multi-issue social justice activist and former intern at Intersex Society of North America (2001-02).


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if Intersexed would ever be entered into the GLBT label.

I was hoping for a new Acronym: L.I.G.H.T.

And a new slogan or two: We bring the LIGHT; Another LIGHT; LIGHT they way; or something fun.

The only problem is that Bisexuals may get upset with my "H" standing for them. Not only would they be referred to as either Happy, Half & Half, Hip,

or please make a suggestion.....


Nat said...

It's normally GLBTI, though sometimes I think Intersex doesn't really fit in with GLB, though it has some parallels with T (ha, but if certain intersexed people heard me saying that they would slap me).
Nevertheless, it's good to be grouped in with a community that tends to be progressive and supportive. I am pretty queer anyway ;)

T. R Xands said...

Huh, LIGHT would actually be kind of awesome if there's a good H word that could stand for bisexuals.

Queers United said...

the LIGHT community lol, its interesting but it does leave out asexuals, queers, and bisexuals. unless the h can be like heeeeeyy lol, and if the asexuals, queers, and bisexuals can conference to agree on that, its a deal.

Anonymous said...

Thanx T.R.Xands, yeah I been trying to find any great word in several thesauruses, but have yet to find a cool one, and I would never want to put Ligbt, and have the B silent.

As for 'queers united said... asexuals, they do fit in a category...Many asexual or those abstaining still should be fitting under one of the other categories as self defining...if only by the non-sexual relationships they have..more straight, more gay or bi.

Queer is a derogatory term for Gay, so we wont use it...It is like the NAACP using the N word to describe black people...But if we used derogatory terms like Dyke, Fag, Nancy, Butt Cowboy, Hermaphrodite, Queer, Pansy, and others we could find many acronyms, but few supporters to use it.

Bisexuals are included already, just although half and half is close, but may be too rude or comedic, not all bisexuals are truly half and half....and Gays, Bisexuals, Intersexed/Transexual, Asexuals..(Gay should stand for both gay males and lesbian), but I do not want TiBag... although it could be taken as balls in the face, or we are going to dip the bag until the tea is a constant color and we all blend in...But I am rambling.

Maybe if we just go back to something like, "Friend of Dorothy" Coalition.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Sorry..yes we have taken back Queer, but it still has a negative tone when used to highlight us in other communities. We can use it amongst ourselves, but do not want Obama or some reporting saying "the Queers" were out today...

Ingrid said...

Don't compare intersexed and transsexuals. They are quite different.

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