Saturday, February 7, 2009

U.K. National ID Card Petition Over Trans Safety

The draft guidelines for the National ID Card as they currently stand, with regards to transsexual people and others who choose to present in the gender opposite to that of their birth assignment them to: a Apply and pay for up to four different ID cards b Have two separate ID cards before a GRC can be obtained.

The Database will keep a record of the birth gender, contrary to Government agreement when the GRA(2004) was passed into law. This is despite the fact that many people cannot obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) and that it is illegal to disclose whether a person is in possession of a GRC without explicit permission.

4 groups of people fall into a dangerous areas: 1 A transsexual person who has obtained a GRC 2 A transsexual person who lives full time in their acquired gender but have not yet applied for a GRC either: a Because they are not yet entitled to apply for GRC b Because they qualify to apply for a GRC, but are unable to apply for reasons such as pre-existing marriage or lack of reqrd medical evidence c Because they choose not to apply for, or are unaware of the availability of, a GRC. 3 A person who lives part time in each gender 4 A person who lives outside the gender binary.

E-Petition to the Prime Ministers office.


Anonymous said...

It won't be long before the US dose the same thing that the British and some other countries are doing. National ID cards. I think they should have it here in the US and follow what the British are doing

Queers United said...

I don't see why National ID cards are needed, what's the point?

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