Thursday, February 5, 2009

Word of the Gay: "Andromimetophilia"

"Andromimetophilia" is a term used to describe people who are attracted to women who impersonate men, or to female-to-male transgender individuals.


PDA said...

stop anal !!! ))))

Word Geek said...

What, no one is allowed to poop anymore?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't use this term for transmen because it implies that they're mimicking men.

Well, if you consider that all gender is performative, then all men are male impersonators; drag kings are just consciously mimicking certain gendered characteristics. So "andromimetophilia" could refer to being attracted to that consciousness.

Queers United said...

Genderkid I think the term is for people who are attracted to those who either impersonate or have transitioned. It doesn't insinuate that f2m's are just acting those traits out.

Anonymous said...

I just assumed a meaning from the etymology:

"mimetos, verbal adj. of mimeisthai "to imitate.""

But it's true that terms derived from Greek words don't have to keep their literal meaning.

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