Friday, March 6, 2009

Say it Loud - A sexual and Proud!

The Asexual movement has been picking up steam and along with education, media visibility, and awareness there is a growing group of people who are embracing their asexuality and wearing it proudly on their sleeves.

Asexual Pride is important in an effort to show that this minority exists and to create awareness about what this segment of our population faces. "Asexual Pride" is relatively new so whether you are Asexual or an ally you can be part of the process of demonstrating your Pride and commitment to diversity with a few of these simple steps...

Asexual Pride Merchandise:

Asexual Visibility Education Network Store

Asexual Pride Graphics:

Listing of A-sexy Icons & Banners

Asexuality Education FREE pamphlets to distribute:

Asexuality Pamphlets (Free - Color)

Asexuality Pamphlets (Free Grey-Scale)

If anyone knows any other resources or has ideas to demonstrate A-Pride please feel free to post in the comments section!


Anonymous said...

Nice collection of resources you got there!

Queers United said...

Thanks cupati, I hope over time the list grows and I think it will as more people are seeking to expand A resources.

Anonymous said...

i love the picture ... may i use it for non-commercial website??:)

Queers United said...

yes anon please feel free to use them.

Anonymous said...

I was about to download the one onto my AVEN signature saying Aromantic, but then realised this is a Male Aromantic and I'm female. Is there one around somewhere?

Queers United said...

anon many of those bars were created by an AVEN user, I don't believe that user is still around but I suppose you could ask around on those forums, maybe someone made one or can make u one :) when you find one let us know so we can add it.

Queers United said...

you could also have fun in paint altering the colors and images or just deleting the male symbol.

Skittles said...

Thanks for representing us.

Anonymous said...

I've got another leaflet/information that might be useful -


Maria Technosux said...


I was censored just a few days ago on Carnal Nation for openly criticizing an article by Carol Queen published on the advertorial website Carnal Nation in which she claimed all sorts of nonsense about asexual people. This article was censored. There are some publications out there that clearly do NOT want asexuals to be loud and proud.

Since then I did some research into Carnal Nation. I discovered that the website isn’t as independent a news-source as it presents itself to be upon first glance. Everything points to it being an advertorial site for the purpose of promoting CEO John Pettitt’s various other businesses, such as Pettitt’s investment company Cloudview which directly funds Carol Queen’s Center for Sex and Culture through Pettitt’s Cloudview Foundation. Pettitt is also on the Board of Queen’s CSC. This would explain why my critique of Queen got censored: despite claiming to be uncensored, Pettitt actually uses Carnal Nation to stifle criticism of and public debate about his business associates like Carol Queen.

Please read my expose below, and consider the evidence I have gathered:

Contrary to what these people claim on their website and the way they promote themselves, Carnal Nation is NOT uncensored. Carnal Nation is an advertorial/promotional website and will censor criticism of its business associates.

Maria Technosux

Anonymous said...

I'm a male hetero-romantic asexual. I'm not quite sure what this whole movement is meant to be about? No one is being oppressed, what exactly are we fighting for? The right to not have sex? What's the point?

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