Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ellen & Portia Wedding Video

With the legalization of same-sex marriage in California, comedian Ellen DeGeneres and model Portia de Rossi have decided to tie the knot. Below is a small video montage that was presented on the Ellen show for millions of Americans to view. It is short, and sweet and I felt like you guys would enjoy.

Help ensure marriage equality remains in California past this election cycle. http://noonprop8.com/


Renee Gannon said...

I think it's really awesome that Ellen played this on her show, since she usually keeps the topics of her show pretty non-glbtqi related. Her and Ellen look truly happy and you can't help but smile from the love that emanates from the two of them. It's true that a million viewers watch Ellen's show and hopefully this will help them see that marriage is not about a man and a woman but about two people in love who want to make a commitment.

bridgeout said...

I did so enjoy this video! I saw it on the Ellen site yesterday, and it is worth watching several times. So sweet and beautiful! The way they look at each other the first time they see each other in their wedding attire...I love it!!

wilksl said...

*sniff* That was beautiful.

Julie said...

My gf watched this and got all emotional. She then dragged me to watch it! It was so sweet. I love that shot of them dancing together...so sweet.

Laurie said...

So beautiful......That's all I can say.


Obviouschild Productions said...

Hooray, I love Ellen!

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