Sunday, September 7, 2008

John McCain What Do You Have Against Equality?

HRC is asking people to submit the following letter through its online form.

"Dear Sen. McCain,

In California, Arizona and around the country, committed same-sex couples want nothing more than the legal recognition of their relationships that heterosexual couples enjoy.

You have built a political image as a "maverick" willing to cut against the partisan grain. Why then are you siding with the most radical agents of intolerance on the issue of marriage rights?

There is nothing "pro-family" about telling two adults in a committed relationship that their commitment has less value than that of other couples. There is nothing "pro-family" about stigmatizing and marginalizing loving families. The California ballot initiative would not strengthen the institution of marriage; it would weaken it.

I am surprised that you are embracing blatantly discriminatory measures and supporting these divisive and cynical ploys. Please stop supporting these anti-GLBT amendments."

Click below to take action and sign the pledge.


Larry in Miami said...

Let's all remember that a "maverick" is a lost cow!


The unfortunate (and infuriating) thing is that it seems like McCain might be more moderate in his personal views on social issues, but he's willing to say and do what he has to do to make the conservative party base happy, and it doesn't really matter who he screws over in the process.

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