Saturday, February 7, 2009

Word of the Gay: "Pansificiation"

"Pansificiation" is an offensive term to describe how effeminate and gay hockey would become if it went along with a ban on fighting in the rink.


Henry said...

Suck a few thousand cocks if you're a man and breeders will call you a faggot and a whore, as well.

Henry said...

Did Nancy RayGun-Cooter kick the bucket yet ?

Anonymous said...

What Egale Canada has done is re-entered this word into the lexicon of homophobic derogatory terms. For the most part, it had dropped off the radar as a homophobic slur - something we should all have been happy about.

Now, it's back on the radar, and those inclined to use homophobic slurs have another weapon in their arsenal.

More here:

absoluterik said...


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