Monday, March 2, 2009

Contact Sponsor of Bill to Deny Adoption Rights to Unmarried Kentucky Families

Kentucky senate bill 68 sponsored by Shelby County Republican Gary Tappis is of major concern to families and fair minded people throughout the state. The legislation would prevent gay and lesbian couples wanting to adopt or become foster parents from doing so, but also unmarried heterosexual couples as well.

The Fairness Campaign is urging us to contact sponsor Senator Gary Tappis and urge him to reconsider the ill effects of his bill.


H/T to Unite The Fight.


Unite the Fight! said...

Thanks for helping get the word out on this!

Anonymous said...

Honestly if it is a major concern for families and fair minded individuals than why are you asking people to get in contact with this representative to voice your dissent. The bill should speak for itself. If so many people have a problem with in in Kentucky, why have people from other locations get involved. If I recall that was one of the lgbt communities main problems with prop 8, people outside of california becoming involved. It looks hypocritical. Let the people of Kentucky voice their opinions, don't ask people from other places who it will not affect get involved! And if it is a clear cut as you portray than it will never pass and their is no problem!

T. R Xands said...

Why all these Anonymouses?! Is it the same one every time? I'm so confused! For one thing Anony1, I don't we're asking anyone in particular to voice their dissent, I mean folks from Kentucky might just read this blog and may not be aware of the bill. Goodness. The people of Kentucky can't voice their opinions if they don't know what's going on. That's possible. I wish I were aware of every bill that passes through TN.

And sorry if more support accidentally hurts your cause! Our bad.

Anonymous said...

T.R Xands you conviently missed my main point, the gay community needs to stop complaining about all the donations that came out of state in support of prop 8 as well as all the residents of california who lived out of state and voted in support of prop 8 if they are going to support the same type of behavior when it fits their agenda. People in Kentucky know what is going on because they have news, this was a push for others outside of kentucky to create a stir. The gay community should not promote what they refuse to preach. And PS more support does not hurt the cause of traditionalists or conservatives it just goes to reinforce that what kirk and madsen set out to do was accomplish, they brainwashed millions of people with their tactics. Brilliant for them, but level headed people everywhere know that political correctness does not override virtue.

Josh said...

There is no moral equivalency between those who want to deny/take away rights and those that seek to protect/defend equal rights and protections.

Taking away or restricting equal rights is WRONG.

I'm a gay Kentuckian and I would like to have a family some day. This bill needs to be defeated.

They have already banned gay marriage and civil unions here.

T. R Xands said...

Anonymous not only did I miss your point but I just soared past over it because you didn't have one. Thanks, bye.

Interestingly enough, I just learned that TN is having more or less the same problem. Damn I hate the south sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Josh I was not debating the fact of whether this is right or wrong, read my post. Honestly I feel this is ridiculous only because of the fact that children will do better in a gay loving home that teaches righteous values than they will do being put through the system and bounced from foster home to foster home. My point is clear the gay community needs to get help from the state residents and elected officials not turn this into a nation wide witch hunt, because that is what the gay community whined about with prop 8. And you have a very low reading level T.R. if you missed my point because my point is quite clear, you simply do not like it because it shows your hypocrisy!

T. R Xands said...

Yup, I'm a hypocrite. Somehow. Oh well! I'm off to hypocritically propose pretty much the same bill in my own state, if anyone feels like protesting that too I don't mind *shrug*

T. R Xands said...

*oppose, not propose, damn low reading level!

Mara said...

As an adult adoptee, I can say that the most important thing to a child is a loving family.

What enrages me is the "system" and how it treats adoptive children as commodities, possessions to be had. The adoption agencies and attornies don't give a damn about us once we are adopted. They made their money. (It's a multi-billion dollar industry we're talking about here.)

Adult adoptees experience a lot of discrimination. Our original birth certificates are sealed from us in 45 out of the 50 states in this country when we are adopted. Fictional "Amended" birth certificates are issued to us listing our adoptive parents as our biological parents. It is state sanctified lies and forgery!!!! We are forced to make family trees in school that don't apply to us, we are denied passports, we are denied state/federal jobs because our birth certificates say "amended" and aren't considered legal! The same government that issued them is now using them against us when convenient!

Why doesn't our government want gay/lesbians to adopt? It's simple:

If gay and lesbian people are allowed to adopt, the states will not longer be able to falsify our documents!!!! It isn't possible for same-sex couples to naturally birth children. They can't put John Smith and Joe Brown as natural parents! You see where I'm getting here? If the gay/lesbian community wants the right to adopt, help us ADOPTEES get our original birth certificates and stop the forgeries!!! Certificates of adoption should be issued, birth certificates should never be modified. England does it right: When a child is adopted, they maintain their original birth certificate and get a certificate of adoption. The child/adult then uses both documents for identification purposes, ie: enrolling in school, getting a passport, driver's license.

So, if the gay/lesbian community helps the adoptee rights community, we all win. Help us fight our goverment for our civil rights, for our OBC's!!!

Please sign my petition if you agree with us:

(Help me, help you.) Peace, out... Mara

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