Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rep: Sally Kern: "Gays Worse Than Terrorism"

Please watch this clip of Oklahoma state represenative Sally Kern

Feel free to contact her by phone and email and let her know that her bigoted views do not represent you.

Capitol Address: 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. Room 332 Oklahoma City, OK 73105

District Address: 2713 Sterling Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73127.

Phone: (405) 557-7348.


Unknown said...

If Ms. Kern had her way, those who are different from her would have absolutely no impact on society. She would like to keep alternate agendas out of schools, government, and anywhere they could be influential on altering public policy to make life easier for those who differ from her.

My solution to her problem is simple. We should immediately begin working on creating a time machine with one seat inside. She can be whisked away to the last point in time where those in the minority were not represented. Ms. Kern will be headed for 1859. Why 1859, you ask? It was the last year before that bearded monster Lincoln hijacked the country, and sought out to free that small minority who worked in Ms. Kern's great-great-grandfather's back field. Unfortunately, for Ms. Kern, she will not be allowed to vote, hold a job, wear anything other than a dress, or disobey her husband. However, those damned fringe groups wouldn't have stolen the reigns of power!

Enjoy the 19th century, Sally. You will really enjoy how much better things were before the world started going downhill.

Tim said...

Look at a video where Ellen calls her! I <3 Ellen.

I emailed Ms. Kern and asked her what studies and societies she was referring to in these remarks, and I reminded her that it is because of the work of civil rights activists that women are now allowed to vote and hold public office.

As a postscript, I asked her if she got Ellen's message.

Anonymous said...

She is sick. It's not gays that are destroying this nation it's people like her. I go to a Christian school and I see people like this everyday and teachers say things like this to us during school! I think that these people are implanting it in their children's brains that homosexuals are sick and they are ill and when I tried to speak up I got detention. I personally do not think it is fair and I get told everyday that I'm just a kid and I cant do anything about the world but I would get 10 more detentions if it made people start listening. During my English class we had to write a report on something we felt strongly about. To begin with, we had to we had to make a list of five topics and choose one to write about. I chose gay rights and I was told I was not allowed to have that topic and I needed to choose another one and that I would receive an incomplete for my lack of effort. I personally am not gay but I believe that this period in our country's history will end up being something we all regret. I believe it will be something like the segregation and the slavery we once had and I believe one day we will all regret it. I know i'm only 13 but I believe that I can change the world; if i change just one persons life I have changed the course of history and I will continue to speak my mind until someone sews my mouth shut. No one can stop me but myself.
-Allison Paige

Anonymous said...

I may not like what you say, but I will fight for your right to say it. Homosexuality is different than other rights. Homosexuality is an act. African American's were discriminated because of their mere skin color. For homosexuals it's different. It's an act like sodomy or murder. I personally think homosexuals have the right to be homosexual however I detest it.

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