Sunday, January 31, 2010

Web Spotlight: TV Gay Guide

TV Gay Guide shows whats queer on all the major networks and even has special feature picks.

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Please feel free to share any links to queer or queer related topics of interest. You can post a blog entry you made, a website you found interesting. Anything goes as long as it is queer in nature.

Word of the Gay: "Granola Lesbian"

A "granola lesbian" is a queer woman who is said to be health conscious.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Open Forum: (LGBTI) The Intersexual Intersection?

In recent years there has been a growing movement to add intersexuality to the growing LGBT acronymn with some approving and disapproving of such a measure. Intersex refers to a series of medical conditions in which a persons genetic sex (chromosomes) and phenotypic sex (genital appearance) do not match, or are somehow different from the "standard" male or female. Most intersex babies are genitally mutilated and either never find out or discover that doctors changed their birth sex later in life. Some of these individuals identify as male or female, and some elect to transition to the gender they feel more comfortable with while others identify their gender as being intersex and are fully comfortable being in between or neither male nor female.

The contention over whether intersex should be lumped into the broader LGBT spectrum is causing controversy in both camps. There are those who argue that intersex is a medical and biological issue separate from the issues faced by other queer people. There also are those who argue that gay and transgender identity is not simply psychologically based, but also has roots in our biological makeup. Common to all of these identities is that we are neither hetero nor cisnormative and we all have to come to terms with ourselves, whether it be coming out to others or to ourselves about who we really are. We all also face discrimination on the basis that we do not fit the standard mold of gender, sex, and sexuality.

Does the nature versus nurture debate even matter when it comes to who is included in the sexual and gender diversity spectrum? Do you feel there are similarities between some aspects of the intersex and other LGBT communities or are they so far apart that they must be considered separate social and political issues?

Organization Spotlight: The International Association of Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs

The International Association of Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs promotes country western dancing, activities and music to all persons without regard to age, sex, gender or gender identity, religion, national or cultural origin, sexual orientation, disability or HIV status.

Word of the Gay: "Gay As Pink Ink"

"Gay As Pink Ink" was a phrase used in the mid 1900's to describe someone overtly homosexual.

Friday, January 29, 2010

CBS Rejects Two Gay Ads for Superbowl

CBS Sports is neglecting to air two ads that have been submitted to it one for a gay dating site, the other of an effeminate black man who is likely perceived to be gay which is advertising domain registration. The company has rejected an ad from the United Church of Christ five years ago which featured a gay couple, citing that they do not allow advocacy ads. The company however has given the green light this year to an anti-abortion ad by ultra-conservative group Focus on the Family.

If the company has changed its policy to allow advocacy and controversial subjects why than are these 'gay' ads being rejected?

Ad by gay dating site ManCrunch:

Ad featuring effeminate man from Go Daddy:

Demand to know why a religious right organization can have airtime but a progressive Church, gay dating company, and a harmless ad about an effeminate man are rejected.

Chris Ender
Senior Vice President, Communications, CBS Television
(818) 655-1100

LeslieAnne Wade
Senior Vice President, Communications, CBS Sports

Hawaii House Postpones Civil Unions Vote Indefinitely

Hawaii was on the verge of making history today by passing comprehensive civil unions legislation. The bill had enough votes to pass had the House not decided to delay a vote indefinitely. Same-sex couples in Hawaii demand justice and equality and not political maneuvering by representatives. Please continue to contact representatives and demand the bill be brought to the floor this session.

Radio Host Don Imus Supports Marriage Equality

American radio host and philanthropist Don Imus of the Imus in the Morning show has endorsed marriage equality for same-sex couples. Imus is no stranger to controversy but this is certainly a move we can applaud.

In response to his guest David Boies one of the trial lawyers representing same-sex couples seeking to overturn California's proposition 8 marriage ban he says:

"I support on it the basis of the philosophy of my friend Kinky Friedman who thinks they have the right to be as unhappy as anyone else"

You must be a member of his website to contact Don Imus.

Word of the Gay: "Commitment Ceremony"

A "commitment ceremony" is a religious or secular ceremony honoring the union of a same-sex couple.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Word of the Gay: "Bunker Shy"

"Bunker shy" is a term used for someone afraid they will be forced into gay sex.

Multi-Talented Mo'Nique Speaks for God and the Gays

Mo'Nique is a popular African-American comedian, actress and talk show host. On The Mo'Nique Show on BET Monday night she spoke with gospel singer Miki Howard about gay aspects of the Church.

Mo'Nique praised Howard for confronting the delicate subject matter and added:

"I applaud you for addressing that, because most times we run from it. ... I applaud you for not judging it, because like you said, we didn't know anything was wrong with it. For all our gay brothers and sisters watching, please know that you are always welcomed, baby. We love you - the no judgment zone! If you in church and you gay, God ain't judging, baby, so be who you wanna be" (SheWired).
Check out the clip below at about the 21:00 minute mark.

Thank Mo'Nique for speaking up for gay-affirming Christianity via Twitter or Myspace.

Organization Spotlight: Call To Action

Call To Action is a Catholic movement working for equality and justice in the Church and society.

Voices of Honor - Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell

The Human Rights Campaign has a national campaign to repeal the anti-gay Don't Ask Don't Tell policy in the U.S. military. Voices of Honor is an effort to ensure that the 66,000 gay, lesbian, and bisexual service members no longer have to hide their identities and risk being taunted or kicked out of the military.

The policy has been in place since 1993 but President Barack Obama has pledged in his State of the Union address to work with congress to repeal the policy this year.

Urge congress to act swiftly to repeal DADT, an archaic and immoral piece of legislation.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Same-Sex Hand Holding Globally on Jan 30th

The Day in Hand campaign has announced their fifth international same-sex hand holding Saturday. The group encourages same-sex couples, friends, allies to hold hands in support of gay relationships and queer public display of affection.

“Crossing borders, holding hands: this is now our community's most personal journey.”

David Watkins, Founder, A Day In Hand
This January 30th, hold hands, walk freely, and take pictures to post on the campaigns website!

Word of the Gay: "Femme Fatale"

"Femme Fatale" is lesbian terminology for a woman who is extremely attractive.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Joy Behar Makes Unfair Generalization about Gay Relationships

Joy Behar of ABC's The View and her own show on HLN called The Joy Behar Show has been an ardent straight ally on behalf of the LGBT community but is coming under criticism for generalizations about gay male relationships.

In a segment on The View she argues that gays take monogamy less seriously, and that it is permissible for gay men to have affairs. She maintains that the straight world is more inclined to break up a relationship where one partner goes astray while the gay community is more accepting of such behavior.

The gay community much like the straight community has a variety of viewpoints when it comes to the issue of monogamy. There are gays and straights who are polyamorous and have multiple partners, and there are many who regard monogamy as right for them. To assert a blanket statement for the entire community is plain misinformation and wrong to those millions of LGBT people who do practice monogamy.

Contact Joy Behar via Twitter and tell her to apologize for her remarks.

San Diego to Protest "Ex-Gay" Workshop

On January 27th 2010, at Skyline Wesleyan Church near San Diego, California, Exodus International will hold a training session (they call it an “equipping”). The purpose of these equipping events is to teach pastors, ministers, educators and counselors how to deal with “unwanted homosexuality.”

The pastor of Skyline Church is no stranger to LGBT Californians, our families, friends and allies. Pastor Jim Garlow claimed responsibility for jump-starting Prop 8, the California ballot initiative that took away the existing right of LGBT couples to marry; was the driving force behind the pre-2008-Election, anti-gay rally, TheCall, at Qualcomm Stadium; traveled to DC to oppose The Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr Hate Crimes Prevention Act; was one of the original signatories of the blueprint for American theocracy called The Manhattan Declaration; and, most recently, tried (unsuccessfully) to worm out of testifying in the Perry v Schwarzenegger Prop 8 trial.

Car-pooling will be available from here:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
LGBT Center parking lot
3909 Centre Street
San Diego, CA

Protest Location:

Skyline Wesleyan Church
8:30 am
11330 Campo Road, La Mesa, CA 91941.

Crossposted via Mike Tidmus.

Organization Spotlight: Mr Gay Competition

The Mr Gay Competition is an international nonprofit with an annual competition to select a gay man who will serve as an ambassador for the gay community. The mission is for the winner to advocate international equal rights by confirming the essential nature and contributions of gay men to a healthy society where "gay" is not a stereotype.

Word of the Gay: "Second Parent Adoption"

"Second Parent Adoption" is a legal procedure allowing one partner in a same-sex couple to adopt the other partners biological children so that both can be regarded as legal guardians.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Protest Scheduled as Anti-Gay NJ Firemen Seek Reinstatement

The town of Secaucus in Hudson County New Jersey may reinstate three firefighters who made anti-LGBT death threats against, and threw condoms at, a same-sex couple who lived next door to the firehouse. In a $4.8 million verdict that came out of taxpayers' pockets, a court ruled against the town and the firefighters, who were forced to step down. But now, the brand new mayor, himself a firefighter, may reinstate his friends back onto the force.

Garden State Equality is holding an urgent rally and speak-out at the Secaucus Mayor-Council meeting this Tuesday night.

January 26 at the Secaucus Municipal Government Center
1203 Paterson Plank Road.
Please arrive at 6:00 pm if you can.

Questions? Contact Garden State Equality's field manager at Troy Stevenson or cell (405) 802-8229.

Crossposted via Planetransgender.

No Name-Calling Week Jan 25-29th

GLSEN's No Name-Calling Week is an annual week of educational activities aimed at ending name-calling of all kinds and providing schools with the tools and inspiration to launch an on-going dialogue about ways to eliminate bullying in their communities.

To order a kit, plan something for your school, get buttons, ad banners and more, check out their website.

Word of the Gay: "Lone Star Lesbian"

A "Lone Star Lesbian" is a woman who has only had sex with one person in her life.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion Sunday

Please feel free to share any links to queer or queer related topics of interest. You can post a blog entry you made, a website you found interesting. Anything goes as long as it is queer in nature.

Word of the Gay: "Bi-Attractional"

Someone "bi-attractional" has the potential to form romantic, emotional, and/or erotic relationships with members of either sex.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Houston Memorial for Myra Ical Hosted by Transgender Foundation of America

A public memorial and candlelight vigil will be held by the Transgender Foundation of America on Monday, January 25 at 6 pm to honor Myra Ical, a trans woman whose body was found last Monday in the 4300 block of Garrott St near Richmond Avenue.

The memorial will include two moments of silence, one for Ms. Ical and another for other transgender Houstonians who have been murdered whose crimes remain unsolved, as well as a moment of noise-making to recognize that it is silence that allows the perpetrators of crime to go unpunished.

Houston Police have no leads in the case. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Transgender Foundation of America at 713-520-8586.

Monday, January 25, 2010
6:00pm - 6:30pm
Vacant Lot at Garrott St and Richmond Ave
4300 Richmond St
Houston, TX

Crossposted via Planetransgender.

Organization Spotlight: Association of Gay & Lesbian Psychiatrists

The Association of Gay & Lesbian Psychiatrists (AGLP) is a community of psychiatrists that educates and advocates on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender mental health issues.

Boys of Real World D.C. Join NO H8!

Real World D.C. an MTV show where eight roommates live and work together in gay-friendly Dupont Circle is highlighting queer visibility this season. Two of the housemates are openly bisexual and unashamed. They have been sharing their perspective and opening hearts and minds to this orientation.

Housemates Mike Manning, Andrew Woods and Josh Colon all posed for the photographer Bouska's NO H8 campaign.

With millions of young viewers, the housemates stance is important and inspiring and they should be thanked for their advocacy.

Thank Mike, Andrew, and Josh via Twitter.

Open Forum: Asexuality and the Sex Positive Movement

The sex positive movement embraces a variety of social and philosophical attitudes towards sexuality. The sex positive movement unlike the dominant framework of organized religion does not pass judgment on various forms of sexuality including homosexuality, transsexuality, BDSM, polyamory, and masturbation and instead accepts individual sexual freedoms.

While accepting and promoting various forms of sexuality is certainly positive it calls into question whether the movement is embracing of asexuality, those who have little to no interest in sex at all. In contrast to the abstinence dogma spread by mainsteam religion, asexuals are not chaste because they feel it is immoral but simply have a low level of sexual desire. Many asexuals consider themselves to be sex-positive even if they themselves abstain from or have a minute degree of sexual activity in their own personal lives but others feels that there is no place for them in this movement and society that idealizes the concept of sexuality.

What do you think? Is asexuality accepted and embraced as part of the individual sexual freedoms in the sex positive movement or is it ignored or bashed in some fashion?

Word of the Gay: "Transdar"

"Transdar" is similar to the concept of gaydar in that some people have the supposed ability to detect transfolk. Unlike gaydar where an out person would have no problem being seen as gay, some trans people do not want to be associated with or defined by their past. It would be offensive and wrong to try and out someone who is transgender.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hawaii Senate Approves Civil Unions

The Hawaiian Senate has voted in favor of the civil union legislation by a veto-proof majority of 18-7. The bill now heads to the State House which approved a similar measure last year. It is widely expected to pass but may fall 1-2 votes short of veto-proof. Republican Governor Linda Lingle has not signaled whether she would sign the legislation into law.

The Hawaii Senate is expected to debate and pass legislation to allow civil unions for same-sex couples. The legislation debated last year stalled and it is unknown whether they will get the veto proof majority needed to override a possible veto by Republican Governor Linda Lingle.

Governor Lingle has a mostly pro-gay rights record, but she has been mum on whether she would veto the legislation. She has repeatedly said that the Senate should focus on the economy and push this legislation to the side.

Contact your state Senator and urge them to vote for marriage equality.

Word of the Gay: "Isosexual"

"Isosexual" was proposed as a term to describe gays and lesbians because it is defined as characteristic of or pertaining to the same-sex. It was meant to be used as a substitute for what was seen as female exclusion in the term homosexuality, the term however never caught on.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Michigan Secretary of State Candidates Top Priority is To Stop Trans People from Transitioning

Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) is running for the GOP nomination to be the next Secretary of State in Michigan. He has made stopping transgender people from changing their sex on their license part of his four most important priorities.

"I will make it a priority to ensure transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver’s license in any circumstance. It’s a social values issue. If you are born a male, you should be known as a male. Same as with a female, she should be known as a female" (Michigan Messenger).
He made clear that this was a priority of his in order to stop biologically male trans women from using female restrooms.

Michigan law currently allows transgender people to legally change their sex. The representative is threatening to turn back the tide on civil rights even though just a few months ago residents of Kalamazoo, Michigan reaffirmed their commitment to protections based on gender identity at the polls.

Tell Paul Scott to stop using transphobia as a political tool to advance his candidacy.

Paul Scott
Secretary of State
Phone: (517) 373-1780
PO Box 693
Grand Blanc, MI 48480

Word of the Gay: "Queen for a Day"

"Queen for a Day" is a term used in the gay community to refer to a "straight" married man who occasionally has sex with men.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Word of the Gay: "Russian River"

The "Russian River" is an area North of San Francisco that has become a popular tourist attraction among outdoorsy and wine appreciating gays and lesbians.

CBS Accepts Anti-Gay Org's Ad While Rejecting Pro-Gay Ad Five Years Ago

CBS has accepted a controversial ad from anti-gay & anti-choice Focus on the Family despite having rejected an ad five years ago from the United Church of Christ a pro-LGBT and affirming denomination to air during the Superbowl. At the time CBS said it has "a longstanding policy of not accepting advocacy advertising."

Allowing this ad to go on without allowing UCC to air their ads is hypocritical because it allows advocacy by anti-gay organizations but not by pro-LGBT Churches.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Committee to Unseat Anti-Gay NJ Senator Sean Kean

The Committee to Unseat Sean Kean campaign has begun against the New Jersey Republican Senator who voted against marriage equality. The Senator represents heavily gay sections of the state including Asbury Park and the Ocean Grove section of Neptune.

LGBT constituents are outraged at the way the Senator presented his argument before the Senate and his ultimate vote against equal rights.

Below is audio of his anti-gay tirade before the floor:

Contact Senator Kean directly and let him know that his vote was unacceptable and will not go unnoticed in his reelection bid.

Senator Sean T. Kean
11th Legislative District Office
1955 Route 34
Bldg. 2A
Wall, NJ 07719
Phone: 732-974-0400
Fax: 732-974-2564

The campaign has not yet endorsed an opponent but is seeking contributions and volunteers to assist in unseating Kean.

Please visit the website and email them at

Support Martha Coakley for U.S. Senate

The off-season election to replace the seat of the late Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy is currently taking place. Democrat Martha Coakley is running against Republican Scott Brown and the decision is a clear one for those who support LGBT equality.

The Republican contender is on the record opposing marriage equality and gay families:

"Brown believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. In 2007, Brown voted in favor of a failed effort to place a proposed constitutional amendment on the statewide ballot that sought to ban additional gay marriages" (Daily Kos).
He also weighed in on state Senator Cheryl Jacques and her domestic partner having children, and said "it was not normal for two women to have a baby"

Martha Coakley has a stark difference of opinion when it comes to LGBT equality.

As Attorney General she filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act. She is a 'fierce advocate' and supports marriage equality, ending Don't Ask Don't Tell, and combating hate crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Please consider donating, volunteering and spreading the word so that tomorrow the headline can say Massachusetts elects Senator Martha Coakley.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Web Spotlight: LGBT Ministry

LGBT Ministry is a non-denominational online LGBT affirming church offering the community an option to become an ordained Minister & take an active role within the LGBT Ministry.

Campaign for "A" Visibility

The asexual movement is dependent on spreading accurate information about what it means to be asexual. In the face of so much misinformation people often think that asexuality doesn't exist, is a psychological problem, or think asexuality only refers to self reproduction in the animal kingdom.

Reasons why visibility is important:

1. It is academically important to understand that there exists a spectrum when it comes to sexuality and some have little to no sexual desire.

2. People who are or know of someone who is asexual should understand that is is natural and that there are others like them experiencing these feelings.

3. Asexuality is a healthy orientation, society forcing sexuality on people who are asexual may have devastating psychological consequences.

If you are asexual or an ally please make a conscious effort to create awareness by writing an op-ed, posting in a forum to discuss asexuality, handing out a pamphlet, or by coming out to someone.

Please share any ways in which you are participating by making asexual awareness a reality.

Word of the Gay: "Strong Homo"

"Strong Homo" is a term to describe something or someone as being homosexual. It can be used in a positive or negative context.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion Sunday

Please feel free to share any links to queer or queer related topics of interest. You can post a blog entry you made, a website you found interesting. Anything goes as long as it is queer in nature.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fox News Contributor Margaret Hoover Joins the Fight for Marriage Equality

Fox News contributor and lifelong Republican Margaret Hoover has joined a growing list of fellow conservatives who publicly support same-sex marriage. In a blog posting on her site called "Joining the Fight for Marriage Equality" she explains her reason for joining the American Foundation for Equal Rights advisory board.

On a separate Fox News website posting called "Why I’m Joining the Fight for Marriage Equality" she praises conservative icon Ted Olson for taking conservatives in a new direction and urges the party to reconsider their current ideology.

"Republicans were historically the party ever-expanding freedom to disenfranchised minorities, from newly liberated slaves to giving women the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony was a Republican. By supporting the AFER trial we have an opportunity to establish our historic credibility on civil rights issues once again. But we should support marriage equality because it is the right thing to do" (Fox News)
This is another big figure in conservative politics joining the LGBT civil rights movement and she should be applauded and encouraged.

Margaret Hoover can be contacted at

Friday, January 15, 2010

Simply Click to Funnel 1 Million Dollars to LGBT Charity

The 'Chase Bank Community Giving' contest is in the final voting round and the organization with the most votes will win 1 million dollars, the subsequent five will receive 100,000 dollars. Of the top 100 organizations voted in so far, three are LGBT. Choose your favorite one and make sure that an LGBT organization receives the funds.

Select from the following three LGBT organizations:

*The Matthew Shepard Foundation

*The Trevor Project

*GLSEN (Gay/Lesbian, Straight Education Network)

Please head over to the facebook contest to place your vote between Jan 15-22nd.

Organization Spotlight: International Association of Lesbian & Gay Judges

The International Association of Lesbian & Gay Judges is an organization dedicated to supporting and conversing about LGBT judicial officers and legal matters.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dr. Phil's "Modern Families" Show Excludes Queer Families

Dr. Phil hosted a show today called "How Do You Define a Modern Family?" which featured different families and issues including childless couples, single parents, cross-cultural adoption, and age differences between couples. The show did nothing to address queer families of any sort and reinforced the myth of the "traditional family" unit.

The shows excerpt says:

"In the 1950’s, the ideal family consisted of a mother, father, two kids and a white picket fence. But the traditional family unit has evolved with extended families, single parents, gay parents, adoption and no children" (Dr Phil).
Sounds like a good show right? Too bad his show featured no same-sex families with or without children. Any show on "modern families" should be inclusive of sexual and gender diversity, featuring gay/bi and trans families. What about polyamorous families, are they not modern or does Dr. Phil disregard them as a family?

Dr. Phil's show has had a number of offensive programs about the LGBT community. His silence on LGBT issues especially when relevant in a show like this is equally offensive.

Send your comments to Dr. Phil demanding fair and inclusive LGBT coverage.

Sign our twitter petition demanding more progressive coverage on queer issues.

Dr. Phil show
5482 Wilshire Boulevard #1902
Los Angeles, CA 90036

LGBT Community Responds to Haiti Earthquake

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck the Caribbean island nation of Haiti on Tuesday, January 12 and early estimates suggest the death toll could reach 100,000. There is widespread damage, hunger and lack of access to water and power. There are reports of hospitals having collapsed and damage to the capitals airport making it increasingly hard for aid groups to rescue victims and provide life saving supplies.

Please donate online at: specify "Haiti"

Donate by check at: Rainbow World Fund, 4111 - 18th Street, Suite 5, San Francisco, CA 94114.

Photo courtsey of the United Nations Development Programme on Flickr.

Demand Obama Stand Up to Prop 8!

"The time has come for elected leaders to empower all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Once again, we call on the Obama administration to join Equality California and others in urging the federal courts to strike down this grossly unjust law. In doing so, we will bring our nation one step closer to realizing its promise of equality for all. Our country’s bedrock principles of democracy and freedom are at stake."

Sign the EQCA petition urging the Obama administration to join the federal challenge opposing Prop 8. Then, ask everyone you know to do the same.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion Sunday

Please feel free to share any links to queer or queer related topics of interest. You can post a blog entry you made, a website you found interesting. Anything goes as long as it is queer in nature.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Open Forum: Double Dose of Bisexuality on Real World D.C.

MTV Networks show 'The Real World' is about eight roommates cast to live and work together for a season. The show usually has an ethnically, religiously, and sexually diverse cast and tries to address controversial and sensitive issues in society. Most seasons have included the token gay person, some bi-curious members, and two seasons ago the first transgender housemate was cast.

This season on the Real World the show is being cast in Washington DC's Dupont Circle a very upbeat progressive and gay ghetto. As for LGBT issues this season seems to be focused on bisexuality like no other season before.

Mike, 22 is a bisexual christian who is unashamed of his sexuality, and wears his religion on his sleeve.

Emily is a 20 year old bisexual from a conservative religious background. She is "new to the scene" and into the idea of dating girls and being honest with her sexual feelings.

This can be a really wonderful opportunity to open up the world of bisexuality to millions of viewers and to also show that being queer doesn't mean that you have to live without religion. On the other hand the show may fall into some biphobic pitfalls in the way the castmembers are portrayed. Is Mike who self identifies as bisexual but goes back and forth between the labels gay and bi going to be seen as the "confused" guy or the "bi now gay later" type. As for Emily, who is new to the queer scene, will she be looked upon as the sexually rebellious girl simply seeking attention or someone confused? These biphobic misrepresentations with regards to bisexuality happen all the time, and I sincerely hope this show does not fall into that trap.

Do you think this show will be positive for bisexual awareness or will it overall contribute to the bisexual stereotypes that permeate society? Time will tell, share your thoughts about the episodes thus far and your predictions.

Word of the Gay: "Gaylaxicon"

"Gaylaxicon" is an annual gathering of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people who are into science fiction, fantasy, horror, and gaming.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lesbian Koala's Steal Andy Roddick's Spotlight

Here is a funny queer story to launch your weekend...

Tennis superstar Andy Roddick was having an interview in Australia's Brisbane Lone Pine Sanctuary but the limelight was quickly stolen from him by some lesbian Koala's enjoying a romp. The same-sex marsupial couple was having sex in the background while the tennis star was being filmed.

The lesbian Koala separatists are making themselves known to the world as footage has begun to spread throughout the United Kingdom and United States.

H/T to The Outskirts.

Portugal Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, Keeps Adoption Ban

The country of Portugal took a major leap forward by granting its citizens marriage equality. The heavily Catholic nations parliament vote makes it the sixth country in Europe to have same-sex marriage.

Even though the country took a momentous step forward, it has voted down a proposal to allow same-sex couples the right to adopt.

Parabéns Portugal!

Where New Jersey Senators Stand on Civil Marriage

Yesterday the New Jersey Senate defeated The Freedom of Religion and Equality in Marriage Act by a vote of 20-14. The roll call list is now available courtsey of Good As You.

13 Democrats and 1 Republican voted for marriage equality,
6 Democrats and 14 Republicans voted against civil rights,
3 Democrats abstained from voting, and 2 Republicans were absent.

YES (14)

Sen. Jim Whelan (D-Atlantic)
Sen. Bob Smith (D-Middlesex)
Sen. Barbara Buono (D-Middlesex),
Sen. Raymond J. Lesniak (D-Union), co-sponsor
Senate President Richard Codey (D-Essex)
Sen. Teresa M. Ruiz (D-Essex)
Sen. Sandra B. Cunningham (D-Hudson)
Sen. Brian P. Stack (D-Hudson)
Sen. Nia H. Gill (D-Essex)
Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen), co-sponsor
Sen. Robert M. Gordon (D-Bergen)
Sen. Nicholas P. Scutari (D-Union)
Sen. Joseph F.Vitale (D-Middlesex)
Sen. Bill Baroni (R-Mercer)

NO (20)
Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May)
Sen. Ronald L. Rice (D- Essex)
Sen. John A. Girgenti (D-Passaic
Sen. Nicholas Sacco (D-Hudson) .
Sen. Fred H. Madden (D-Gloucester)
Sen. Shirley K. Turner (D-Mercer)
Sen. Robert W. Singer (R-Ocean)
Sen. Joseph Pennacchio (R-Morris)
Sen. Christopher Bateman, (R-Somerset)
Sen. Tom Kean Jr. (R -Union)
Sen. Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth )
Sen. Joseph M. Kyrillos (R-Monmouth)
Sen. Gerald Cardinale (R-Bergen)
Sen. Michael Doherty (R-Hunterdon)
Sen. Kevin J. O'Toole (R-Essex)
Sen. Philip E. Haines (R-Burlington)
Sen. Christopher J. Connors (R-Ocean)
Sen. Anthony R. Bucco (R-Morris)
Sen. Steven V. Oroho (R-Sussex)
Sen. Sean T. Kean (R-Monmouth)

Sen. Paul A. Sarlo (D-Bergen)
Sen. Stephen M. Sweeney (D-Gloucester)
Sen. James Beach (D-Camden)

Sen. Diane B. Allen (R-Burlington)
Sen. Andrew Ciesla (R-Ocean)

Be sure to contact your senator to thank or criticize them for their vote or lack of one.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Web Spotlight: Gay Church

Gay Church is a web site dedicated to ministering to the gay and lesbian Christian community (GLBT) and friends of our community. They feature one of the largest gay and lesbian affirming Christian church directories and bulletin boards in the world.

Say No to Manchester - Rally at Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel!

LGBT groups, union groups, and allies will be protesting this Saturday, January 9th against the Manchester Grant Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, California. There have been numerous demonstrations at the resort due to the fact that the owner Doug Manchester donated $125,000 to ban same-sex marriage in the state.

The wildly successful protests have entered into their second year and organizers estimate the hotel has incurred over 8 million dollars in losses as a result of their boycott and protests.

Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel
Saturday, January 9, 2010
One Market Place, San Diego

RSVP here.

Take Action: New Jersey Senate to Vote on Marriage Equality Today!

The New Jersey Senate is scheduled to begin debate about marriage equality at 2 pm EST today. Insiders say the votes are likely not there, but nevertheless activists need to push their senators to be on the right side of history. Regardless of whether the bill passes or not it is important to know the position of the senators so that we can support/oust them in their next re-election bid.

Please contact your state representative and urge them to vote in favor of full marriage equality.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

David Letterman Show Promotes Trans Disgust

The David Letterman show on the CBS network has insulted Amanda Simpson, a trans woman who was recently appointed to the U.S. Commerce Department by the Obama administration. In the clip below David Letterman announces the news, followed by a guest on his show who breaks out in shock that "Amanda used to be a dude" the man is disgusted and outraged and runs off stage, the segment insinuates the man had some sort of relationship with Simpson and reinforces the sentiment that being transgender is somehow disgusting, misleading, and abnormal.

This isn't David Letterman's first transphobic problem, he made news on this blog two years ago when he insulted F2M Thomas Beatie the pregnant female to male transsexual. While we approve and acknowledge that Letterman has done some good, ie: standing up for marriage equality, his continual jabs at the transgender community cannot go on without consequence.

Contact David Letterman and tell him to apologize for this offensive jab at Amanda Simpson and the entire transgender community.

Sign the petition directed to the shows Executive Producers.

Word of the Gay: "Lovemap"

A "lovemap" is a psychological concept allowing a person to picture a mental template to describe their idealized lovers gender, sexuality, physical and personal attributes.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Web Spotlight: GALA Magazine

Gay and Lesbian Artists (GALA) Magazine is giving voice to unseen, unheard and undiscovered artists; inspiring, educating and motivating others to follow their dreams within the queer community.