Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boys of Real World D.C. Join NO H8!

Real World D.C. an MTV show where eight roommates live and work together in gay-friendly Dupont Circle is highlighting queer visibility this season. Two of the housemates are openly bisexual and unashamed. They have been sharing their perspective and opening hearts and minds to this orientation.

Housemates Mike Manning, Andrew Woods and Josh Colon all posed for the photographer Bouska's NO H8 campaign.

With millions of young viewers, the housemates stance is important and inspiring and they should be thanked for their advocacy.

Thank Mike, Andrew, and Josh via Twitter.


Anonymous said...

The more people who do this, the better.

Queers United said...

Yeah especially ones with visibility.

SteveDenver said...

If it becomes "cool" not to hate gays, all the better.

After Cindy McCain had her portrait taken, I was bothered by the fashion factor of this campaign; but upon deeper reflection, I support anyone who puts their face up for participation. Thanks to all of them, no matter how I feel about the depth of their commitment... what in the hell do I know about them personally, anyway?

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