Thursday, January 28, 2010

Multi-Talented Mo'Nique Speaks for God and the Gays

Mo'Nique is a popular African-American comedian, actress and talk show host. On The Mo'Nique Show on BET Monday night she spoke with gospel singer Miki Howard about gay aspects of the Church.

Mo'Nique praised Howard for confronting the delicate subject matter and added:

"I applaud you for addressing that, because most times we run from it. ... I applaud you for not judging it, because like you said, we didn't know anything was wrong with it. For all our gay brothers and sisters watching, please know that you are always welcomed, baby. We love you - the no judgment zone! If you in church and you gay, God ain't judging, baby, so be who you wanna be" (SheWired).
Check out the clip below at about the 21:00 minute mark.

Thank Mo'Nique for speaking up for gay-affirming Christianity via Twitter or Myspace.

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