Friday, January 22, 2010

Hawaii Senate Approves Civil Unions

The Hawaiian Senate has voted in favor of the civil union legislation by a veto-proof majority of 18-7. The bill now heads to the State House which approved a similar measure last year. It is widely expected to pass but may fall 1-2 votes short of veto-proof. Republican Governor Linda Lingle has not signaled whether she would sign the legislation into law.

The Hawaii Senate is expected to debate and pass legislation to allow civil unions for same-sex couples. The legislation debated last year stalled and it is unknown whether they will get the veto proof majority needed to override a possible veto by Republican Governor Linda Lingle.

Governor Lingle has a mostly pro-gay rights record, but she has been mum on whether she would veto the legislation. She has repeatedly said that the Senate should focus on the economy and push this legislation to the side.

Contact your state Senator and urge them to vote for marriage equality.

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