Thursday, January 21, 2010

Michigan Secretary of State Candidates Top Priority is To Stop Trans People from Transitioning

Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) is running for the GOP nomination to be the next Secretary of State in Michigan. He has made stopping transgender people from changing their sex on their license part of his four most important priorities.

"I will make it a priority to ensure transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver’s license in any circumstance. It’s a social values issue. If you are born a male, you should be known as a male. Same as with a female, she should be known as a female" (Michigan Messenger).
He made clear that this was a priority of his in order to stop biologically male trans women from using female restrooms.

Michigan law currently allows transgender people to legally change their sex. The representative is threatening to turn back the tide on civil rights even though just a few months ago residents of Kalamazoo, Michigan reaffirmed their commitment to protections based on gender identity at the polls.

Tell Paul Scott to stop using transphobia as a political tool to advance his candidacy.

Paul Scott
Secretary of State
Phone: (517) 373-1780
PO Box 693
Grand Blanc, MI 48480


Queers United said...

Here is what I emailed:

To use transgender people as a scare tactic and campaign issue is completely reprehensible and immoral. If you want to campaign on "values" try making the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people easier and be on the right side of history by granting civil rights not taking them away. The people of Kalamazoo Michigan have completely rejected the scare tactic used by people who want to stop transgender women from using the appropriate restroom that corresponds to their gender identity. The people of Michigan support protections based on gender identity/expression and it is completely horrid that you have made this issue one of your priorities in the state.

Nox said...

another "wonderful" example of politicians using scare tactics to campaign while doing their best to legalize and entrench discrimination, while ignoring the entire depth of the issue, or the consequences of his proposal.

in brief, shortsighted, shallow pandering.

buy perfume online said...

yah i have no idea.

CrackerLilo said...

Because, you know, Michigan doesn't have any problems with its economy or non-native predators in its ecosystem or a substandard school system or....

Unknown said...

I wonder what deep seated hatred he is trying to run away from by attacking a minority group. It is such a shame.

David Elijah Nahmod said...

What a moron!
Michigan has one of the country's worst unemployment rates and he's worried about this??????
Shame on him!

This is yet another reason why we need to get behind each other.

Diane J Standiford said...

Ship him off to Haiti so he can get his priorities str8. GEEZ

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he's trans, himself. Like those homophobes in government that end up having affairs with people of the same sex.

sterling said...

What is the State's position on intersexuals?

i'm scared to find out what this mental moron, Paul Scott, knows about genetic basis for determining gender. I doubt he has a clue that there are some among us who don't have the most common haploid chromosome pairs, namely - XX, and XY.

I suggest we begin considering laws that preclude people like Paul Scott from procreating. Mankind can do without his contribution of "stupid" into the broader public gene pool.

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