Monday, January 25, 2010

Protest Scheduled as Anti-Gay NJ Firemen Seek Reinstatement

The town of Secaucus in Hudson County New Jersey may reinstate three firefighters who made anti-LGBT death threats against, and threw condoms at, a same-sex couple who lived next door to the firehouse. In a $4.8 million verdict that came out of taxpayers' pockets, a court ruled against the town and the firefighters, who were forced to step down. But now, the brand new mayor, himself a firefighter, may reinstate his friends back onto the force.

Garden State Equality is holding an urgent rally and speak-out at the Secaucus Mayor-Council meeting this Tuesday night.

January 26 at the Secaucus Municipal Government Center
1203 Paterson Plank Road.
Please arrive at 6:00 pm if you can.

Questions? Contact Garden State Equality's field manager at Troy Stevenson or cell (405) 802-8229.

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libhom said...

I didn't know the courts in NJ were so homophobic.

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