Monday, July 26, 2010

Demand Real World Star Apologize for Violent Homophobic Remarks

MTV's 'Real World' is taking place in New Orleans this season and as usual there is one openly gay housemate. The openly gay member Preston has been in a feud with metrosexual Ryan over the past few weeks. Ryan however has taken his rage to a whole new level by repeatedly referring to Preston as a 'faggot' and making remarks about gay people. He was even quoted on Twitter as replying to someone by saying: "I would love to see you in person, and smash your gay f*cking face in.”

MTV is not to blame, they can't control individual actions, and the network has been given an excellent rating for gay positive material. Furthermore the show Real World has been at the forefront of tackling LGBT issues for years. Having an an openly gay man with AIDS, a transgender castmate, and a bisexual activist, among many other queer moments.

GLAAD is urging people to contact Ryan Leslie via to demand an apologyTwitter.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Taxpayers Demand $4.4 Million Refund Over Anti-Gay Military Survey

Servicemembers United an advocacy organization dedicated to repealing the anti-gay military policy known as Don't Ask Don't Tell is furious over a new and biased survey about the policy.

The Department of Defense just paid the research firm Westat the outrageous sum of $4.4 million to design and administer an email-based survey about the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law. While its development was shrouded in secrecy for weeks, leaked copies of the final version recently began circulating. To everyone’s surprise, the survey, which went out to 400,000 service members, turned out to be laced with bias, inaccuracies, and derogatory assumptions and insinuations about gay and lesbian Americans. Demand that Westat and the Pentagon repay the American Taxpayer for this outrageous waste of $4.4 million!
Sign the petition to demand a full refund and an end to the discriminatory policy of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Word of the Gay: "Sip-Ins"

"Sip-Ins" occurred during the mid 1960's when the New York Liquor Authority banned the sale of alcohol to 'disorderly homosexuals' Gay rights groups like the Mattachine Society held events to protest and raise awareness about the discrimination by disobeying the ban.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Join Activists Creating the First Ever Asexual Flag!

Asexual activists and allies over at the Asexual Visibility Education Network are engaging in thought provoking discussion and debate about what the future symbol of the asexual movement should look like. While there has never been an official symbol for asexuality, some of the common asexual pride images used have been a grey triangle, a shaded heart, a slice of cake, and an ace card to name a few.

As asexuality is becoming increasingly visible and discussed as part of a variation within human sexuality there is a growing need for the asexual community to rally around their own symbol of pride. Help make asexy history by engaging in the decision making process.

Open Forum: The 10th Amendment and Gay Marriage

A federal judge has recently ruled that section three of the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. The ruling is a major blow to those trying to keep federal benefits from married gay couples and will likely make its way before the Supreme Court shortly.

What is most interesting about the case is that the Judge found that not only did part of DOMA violate the equal protection clause of the constitution but that it also violated the tenth amendment! The tenth amendment has traditionally been used by conservatives to argue in favor of states rights.

How will the ruling on the 10th amendment play out in the future of proceedings on gay marriage? On one hand it can be argued that the federal government cannot dictate marriage if a state chooses to recognize gay marriage. However, couldn't it also be used to argue that if the Supreme Court or Congress decided to make marriage equality the law of the land that states could choose to abstain?

Word of the Gay: "Gentlemen's Taverns"

"Gentlemen's Taverns" are places that serve alcoholic beverages where men seeking to meet men have traditionally congregated. Today they are more commonly referred to as gay bars.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fox News Uses "Attack of the Lesbian Prison Gangs" Scare Tactic Again!

The conservative news giant Fox News is now warning that Lindsay Lohan will face "vicious lesbian gangs" when she goes to jail. This news story titled 'Lesbian Prison Gangs Waiting to Get Hands on Lindsay Lohan, Report Says' first broke in The Sun, and as appalling as it is, atleast The Sun is a tabloid newspaper. Fox News claims to be a legitimate news organization and bills itself "fair and balanced" in their reporting. Also it should be noted that this is not the first time Fox has used the "lesbian gangs" scare tactic which made headlines nationwide until it was debunked.

In the article one inmate is quoted as saying:

"The gay inmates wear their shirts inside out to let others know they are available. So if Lindsay doesn't want someone to grab her ass she'd better keep her shirt on straight. Women grab each other like animals when the guards aren't looking. It's disgusting." (Fox News).

There are several problems with this story.
  1. How can a reporter run a story based on one account? How do we know that this person is accurate or telling the truth?
  2. Unlike the title which suggests that these gangs wish to rape Lohan, the quote by the inmate suggests that the lesbians will only approach one another if they signal they are interested by reversing their shirts.
  3. This article assumes Lindsay would not be interested in other inmates sexually. Lindsay is bisexual and could theoretically desire another female inmate for sex.
  4. Lindsay Lohan will be in solitary confinement for her protection and is unlikely to encounter other inmates.
This is just sensational news and scare tactics being used by Fox News to draw misunderstanding and hatred toward the lesbian and broader LGBT community.
Phone Fox News: 1-888-369-4762

How NOT to Come Out of the Closet!

    Coming out of the closet is a difficult process and while there is no right way to do it, there are some things that are probably best not to do to ensure a smoother transition into your new open and honest identity and life.

  1. DON’T come out during a fight. While there may never be an ideal time to come out of the closet, during a fight is definitely a time not to do it. Nonetheless, it happens a lot! If you and a family member or friend are already in a negative space, don’t use your sexuality as a weapon. Wait until things are calmer and quieter.
  2. DON’T tell them that you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Coming out is one thing. Disclosing a partner is another. Parents sometimes try to assign blame for your sexuality; it’s not right, just or wise to blame someone for your gayness, but it’s often one of the first (and most ignorant) reactions by parents or relatives. If you disclose your sexuality AND that you are in relationship, you’ve just created an easy target for that blame. Give it a few days or weeks or months.
  3. DON’T do it alone. Coming out to someone is an intensely personal and often vulnerable experience – but you don’t need to do it entirely alone. It’s important to build a support system for yourself. I first came out to my close friends and gradually widened my circle. By the time I came out to my family, I had a well established safety net of support – just in case things didn’t go well. Lean on your friends or find support online or over the phone.
  4. DON’T hit and run. After coming out, there is often a tendency to never talk about it again. Parents may not know how to talk about it – or else, they could be in a stage of denial. Don’t fall into this trap; talking about your sexuality is one of the best ways for you, your friends and your family to grow more comfortable with it. It’s going to be hard at first – but trust me, it’s worth the initial awkwardness.
  5. DON’T take responsibility for how people react. My coming out experiences have been 99% positive, but there have been a few unexpected and negative reactions. It’s important not to internalize those reactions. How people react to your disclosure says a lot about them and where they are at in their journey – and nothing about you.
  6. DON’T come out to family members as a group. When you come out, people may have a lot of questions – and they may react very emotionally. I think it’s best to keep the coming out process one-on-one with those people that play a big role in your life.
  7. DON’T assume that people won’t change. They often will. Opinions and perspectives often shift over time – and an initial negative reaction by family or friends doesn’t mean that things will always be that way. Your coming out may be an opportunity for the people in your life to grow and evolve. It takes time, but don’t assume that people will never come around.

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Word of the Gay: "2nd Gen"

"2nd Gen" short for second generation refers to kids of LGBTQ parents who also identify as LGBTQ.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gayle King Speaks Out for Marriage Equality

Gayle King who is the editor of O Magazine and host of the Gayle King radio show has spoken up in favor of marriage equality for same-gender couples. King is best known for being Oprah Winfrey's closest friend and has been given a national platform thanks to their close relationship.

New allies are always welcome and we applaud Ms. King for speaking out in favor of LGBT civil rights.

Gayle King can be reached via Twitter.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tell Meghan McCain to Convince her Father to Repeal DADT

Failed republican presidential candidate John McCain's daughter has been a strong and outspoken straight republican ally of the LGBT community, in a party where alliance with queers is frowned upon, and downright politically suicidal. Meghan has spoken up countless times in and urged conservatives to embrace marriage equality and for equality and justice for her gay and lesbian friends.

Now we need Meghan McCain to convince her father Senator John McCain to reconsider his opposition to repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell. Please urge her to talk to her father before the Defense Budget Bill gets its vote in the senate.

Shameless Self Promotion Sunday

Please feel free to share any links to queer or queer related topics of interest. You can post a blog entry you made, a website you found interesting. Anything goes as long as it is queer in nature.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

NBC Opens Wedding Contest to Same-Sex Couples

NBC Today Show’s “Modern Wedding Contest” which previously barred gay couples on account of the fact that New York does not allow its residents same-sex couples to marry in state has reversed its decision after pressure from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). 4,000 people signed a petition saying NBC's decision was unfair because NY does recognize gay marriages from other states.

NBC stated that they listened to GLAAD's constituents

"Over the past few days, Today has received a considerable response regarding our wedding contest application. The rules stated that eligible couples must be legally married in New York, where we will host the wedding, therefore excluding same-sex couple applicants. Our intent was not to be discriminatory or exclusive...Moving forward, we ensure that our future wedding contests will be inclusive of all couples."
The new deadline to enter is July 12th. Those interested can apply here.

Word of the Gay: "GBF"

"GBF" is an acronym that stands for gay best friend.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Organization Spotlight: National Education Association GLBT Caucus

The National Education Association Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Caucus (NEA GLBT) works to provide GLBT teachers, education support professionals, and students, with safe schools free of anti-GLBT bias and intolerance, and to provide sound education programs for all students.

Take Part in Historic and Important International LGBT Survey

For the first time, there is a global study of LGBT lifestyles, demographics, workplace issues, causes of concern, discrimination and many more important topics. The results will be used by governments, business and other organizations and can make sure we enjoy an equal ’seat at the table’ in society.

The 2010 Out Now Global LBGT Study is surveying LGBT people living around the world – sampling into 20 countries, looking at what significant issues affect our lives today.

Being involved is easy – it takes just 15 minutes to complete a survey online at – and you may even get lucky and win one of their giveaway prizes: including flights, Amazon gift cards and iTunes vouchers.

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TAKE ACTION: Hawaiian Governor Decides on Civil Unions Today!

Hawaiian Governor Linda Lingle (R) has to decide today whether to sign, veto, or let the civil unions bill just become law. Lingle has met with both sides of the debate and has been mum as to how she will act.

Please tell Governor Lingle to sign the civil unions bill into law.
E-contact form
Phone: (808) 586-0221 or (808) 586-0222

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Word of the Gay: "Agendered"

Someone who is "agendered" does not feel they fit anywhere on the gender spectrum and eschew gender identification altogether.