Saturday, July 17, 2010

Join Activists Creating the First Ever Asexual Flag!

Asexual activists and allies over at the Asexual Visibility Education Network are engaging in thought provoking discussion and debate about what the future symbol of the asexual movement should look like. While there has never been an official symbol for asexuality, some of the common asexual pride images used have been a grey triangle, a shaded heart, a slice of cake, and an ace card to name a few.

As asexuality is becoming increasingly visible and discussed as part of a variation within human sexuality there is a growing need for the asexual community to rally around their own symbol of pride. Help make asexy history by engaging in the decision making process.


Anonymous said...

no, thank you.

Things are way to confusing now.

if you want a-sexual, then put a MF on it with a line thru it.

MF---- right thru the middle.

Anonymous said...

plain beige with two blue circles

Queers United said...

dpking check out

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the first comment means, it' nothing about wanting 'a-sexual' cause asexuals are around and there's not much you can do about it. It's an orientation like any other.

As for the strike through... I've no idea how that would work a flag, do you mean as an adaption of the gender symbols? I think most people if stuck to it just do a plain circle, a ring both because of the ace ring thing but also because it doesn't denote attraction to any gender. Though those who don't self-identify as having any gender use it more I think, in the gender symbol sense.

In any case, I have no idea what you mean in regards to the flag thing as above doesn't make any sense in flag terms any more than having the gender symbols in various arrangements would work instead of the rainbow flag.

The plain beige with two circles.... well as the thread linked to explains we're going with black (asexuals), grey (demisexuals and grey-aces), white (sexuals) and purple (community) as the colours. But I'm curious about your idea and what it represents.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. How many ways can we split a hair?

Anonymous said...

Just a plain, white flag for purity and surrender.

goethechosemercy said...

To the first Anonymous-- you don't know what an asexual is.

Anonymous said...

A plain grey rectangular flag.

Jim Costich said...

I don't know how people who identify as asexual think of it as a group but the word itself literally means, "without sex". If we consider sex as a noun then it means people without any genitals or reproductive organs at all. If we consider sex as a verb then it means people who are attracted to no one and do not have sex with others at all. This latter meaning is how my mother describes herself and she would have been very happy to find other's like herself when she was younger. She was an advocate of masterbation as the only desirable form of sexual gratification and aknowledged not even including other people in her sexual fantasies. On second thought she could have started an asexual movement. She had a hard time enduring the sex drive, love/intimacy of all the people around her including us - her sons which she found repulsive. She wished for a place she could go where people like her could escape from all of us.

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