Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Committee to Unseat Anti-Gay NJ Senator Sean Kean

The Committee to Unseat Sean Kean campaign has begun against the New Jersey Republican Senator who voted against marriage equality. The Senator represents heavily gay sections of the state including Asbury Park and the Ocean Grove section of Neptune.

LGBT constituents are outraged at the way the Senator presented his argument before the Senate and his ultimate vote against equal rights.

Below is audio of his anti-gay tirade before the floor:

Contact Senator Kean directly and let him know that his vote was unacceptable and will not go unnoticed in his reelection bid.

Senator Sean T. Kean
11th Legislative District Office
1955 Route 34
Bldg. 2A
Wall, NJ 07719
Phone: 732-974-0400
Fax: 732-974-2564

The campaign has not yet endorsed an opponent but is seeking contributions and volunteers to assist in unseating Kean.

Please visit the website and email them at info@unseatseankean.com


Nox said...

wasn't much of "tirade" against anything except being typecast on his position. So I think it's very inaccurate to call it an "anti-gay tirade".

His vote against, however, is an action on his part, and all actions have reprecussions. As with any elected official, if they don't represent your needs (regardless of what the needs are), vote em out.

SteveDenver said...

I agree with Nox: not a tirade. He wasn't even ranting or overtly offensive. Kean represents the "new diplomacy" of bigots and ultra conservatism: he recognizes that gays lead gentrification, but he just can't bring himself to support marriage equality.

If he has the "gayest" district, he should represent his constituents.

He knows all the great things to say, until he says "HOWEVER." Then he tries to cancel out his opposition, never states any supporting thoughts to his position and says, "I'm going to be voting no."

He's a creep.

Anonymous said...

Ya, where's the tirade? But where's his reasoning. It's one of the most convoluted things I've ever heard. He deserves to be unseated!

But, let's be careful here and not get ourselves painted into a corner by "overreacting."

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