Thursday, April 1, 2010

CNN Features Anti-Gay Bill Donohue of the Catholic League

CNN has been giving airtime to Bill Donohue of the ultra conservative Catholic League to spew misinformation and blame directed at the gay community for the church's sex abuse crisis. Mr. Donohue has been on shows such as Larry King and Rick's List arguing that there is a "homosexual problem" in the church.

Mr. Donohue has been dominating the time devoted to this subject matter and flat out lying in order to divert attention away from the real issue at hand which is child abuse at the hands of pedophile priests and the massive cover up by the Catholic Church. The assertion that homosexuals are more prone to molest children is reprehensible and dishonest. All studies show that the majority of sex offenders identify as heterosexual males.

Demand that CNN stop giving airtime to the anti-gay lies of Mr. Donohue by using their contact form.


Diane J Standiford said...

This has really made me mad.

Queers United said...

It's really horrible that this man is covering up for the crimes committed and placing blame on people who have nothing to do with it. I think Rick Sanchez of CNN plays into the anti-gay crowd a lot with his reporting and now I am going to keep a closer eye on his reporting to make sure he is not spewing out lies.

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