Monday, June 30, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Gay Shame"

A counter culture movement within the LGBT community that is a radical alternative to the mainstream commercialized and assimilation seeking gay community. "Gay Shame" was created and named in opposition to its counterpart Gay Pride.


Health Promoter, EMCHC said...


Queers United said...

happy pride =)

bridgeout said...

I am afraid I may be missing the point of why "gay shame" would be created?? Help??

Queers United said...

bridgeout I am not part of the "gay shame" movement so perhaps someone else could be answer your question. Basically the "gay shame" movement feels the current gay rights struggle has been corrupted by capitalism, war, and greed and so they do not feel proud of this element of gayness if you will. The "Gay Shame" movement is against same-sex marriage, and the institution of marriage as a whole. They are upset that the movement has made SSM a key political issue. They would much rather fight for things like universal healthcare.

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