Thursday, March 5, 2009

University of Iowa Funding Student Group That Bars Gays

Law students from the University of Iowa have begun a petition encouraging the administration to restrict funding to a campus organization that bars gays or anyone who supports "advocacy of a sexually immoral" lifestyle.

The Christian Legal Society, or CLS, requires members to sign a faith statement forbidding “sexual conduct outside of God’s design for marriage between one man and one woman, which acts include fornication, adultery and homosexual conduct,” according to its Web site. (Press Citizen)
The issue at hand is not contention over the groups right to their religious liberties but rather the university violating its own human rights code by funding a student group that is exclusive.

Please contact the university president and provost and urge them to rescind funding for this group as long as it maintains an anti-gay policy that goes against the UI Human Rights code.

President Sally Manson -

Office of the Provost -


The Bi Avenger said...

This makes me really angry. I thought my university would not do the same thing, but it turns out they have an exemption to nondiscrimination policy for "sincerely held religious beliefs." I blogged about it and I'm going to talk to other student leaders about it.

Judith said...

I love that you picked this up, hon! I'm one of the people who started this protest and the press contact for it :-)

Queers United said...

Judith please keep us up to date about any protests or anything we can do to help as non students.

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