Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Hampshire Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

After weeks of wrangling for votes, disagreements over wording over religious protections and the governors refusal to sign unless his language was placed in the bill. The battle is over, and we have won.

New Hampshire has officially become the 6th state in the United States to have legally sanctioned same-sex marriage recognition.


mewi said...

Umm, he already signed it ( before your post ), you are a bit lagging behind my friend XD

Queers United said...

I didn't see any news reports of him signing at the time, but I edited the post now that it is certain.

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT! Live free and die indeed!
How about PA?? Did you know that PA not only has no gay relationship rights, but it has a state level DOMA??

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