Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rep: Jane Cunningham feels "physically ill" Looking at Gender Non-Conforming Students

Representative Jane Cunningham (R) District 86 in Missouri who runs the ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION committee recently made some disturbing comments regarding "The Missouri Safe School Legislation" that her committee will decide on.

The bill is intended to protect students from discrimination based on "actual or perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, intellectual ability, physical appearance, or mental, physical, or sensory disability or disorder."

"Two youth attempted to speak with Representative Jane Cunningham (R-86) regarding Safe Schools Legislation because of her position as chair of the House Education Committee. Upon entering Rep. Cunningham told the youth to leave, as she "couldn't look at [them] anymore," because their appearance "offended" her. Both youth have facial piercings as many students do. The youth thanked Rep. Cunningham for her time and left the office.

Directly following the youths dismissal by Rep. Cunningham, another group of Volunteer Lobbyists met with the Representative and in asking why the last group of students were asked to leave the office, Rep. Cunningham stated:

"I don't see how any human being could look at them for any prolonged period of time without getting physically ill... I thought I would throw-up if I looked at them any longer." (

This kind of language from the chairperson of the education committee is disturbing and dangerous. Her role is to protect and educate children of Missouri. Please contact her and tell her to apologize for her comments and swiftly move forward to pass the "Missouri Safe Schools Legislation".

Phone: 573-751-1186

MO House of Representatives
201 West Capitol Avenue
Room 313
Jefferson City MO 65101


Ily said...

Hi there, found you on AVEN. I'm linking to you on my blog (asexuality themed); care to trade?

Bart said...

Hmm... the content of your post makes it seem like she was grossed out by the piercings, not the students' gender or gender non-conformity. Am I missing something?

Queers United said...

According to the report she was disturbed by the piercings, various sources indidicate it was more than just the piercings and was more about gender identity. However to turn these two youth away who have the right to speak with their representative regarding this important piece of legislation is absurd and undemocratic.

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