Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No on 1 Response Ad: "Clearing Up Distortions"

The anti-gay right has been misleading the public in Maine to suggest that the government forced marriage in order to avoid a peoples vote, and that if the referendum passes that there will be a flood of lawsuits and homosexual marriage will be taught in schools. These lies are being used as scare tactics to get Mainers to vote against marriage equality. The No On 1 campaign by Protect Maine Equality is fighting back with a new ad to set the record straight:


Anonymous said...

Nice ad, but i'm a little annoyed that there are no male same sex families shown.
I guess even those fighting for equality succumb to the "ick factor"
It's more socially acceptable to see two women together than two men.
When are we going to see equal representation in the fight for equality?

Queers United said...

I agree it was only straight and lesbian families, there should have been representations of gay male families too.

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