Monday, September 14, 2009

Travel for Change to Protect Maine Equality

Travel for Change seeks to enable volunteers and supporters to help out with the No on 1 Maine Marriage Equality campaign by:

1. Recruiting people to come organize in Maine;

2. Providing a platform for sponsors to donate through airline miles or fund travelers;

3. Organizing rideshares for equality.

So whether you want to hit the ground, donate some cash, or donate frequent flier miles, you can pitch in at Travel for Change.


deeter131 said...

How does one sign up to come to Maine to help?
I am unemployed currently and have the time to come volunteer, if the assistance you spoke of was provided.
I am from California where we were defeated so this issue is important to me..however I cannot afford to fly there on my own, or pay for lodging.

Queers United said...

deeter i'd recommend going to the site and getting in touch to see if they can provide you with some financial assistance to come there and help the campaign

Queers United said...

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