Friday, June 18, 2010

Tell Hawaiian Governor Linda Lingle to Sign the Civil Unions Bill

The Hawaiian legislature passed the civil unions bill by a vote of 31-20 (three votes short of a veto proof majority) a few weeks ago. The bill passed the senate back in January, earlier this year. The bill now sits at the desk of Republican Governor Linda Lingle who has not spoken publicly on whether she will sign, veto, or ignore the bill.

The deadline for action on the bill is July 6th, meanwhile the Governor is keeping her options open and putting the bill on a possible veto list. She has met with proponents and opponents of the bill and is weighing her options carefully.

Please tell Governor Lingle to sign the civil unions bill into law.
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Phone: (808) 586-0221 or (808) 586-0222


Anonymous said...

stupid e-contact system is "down" ?? Go figure. Maybe they're being bombarded by emails?

Queers United said...

It's working for me, maybe try later if it is down.

Anonymous said...

It just worked for me at midnight PST and my request to her went through.

Scott said...

Hello Queers United,

Same problem here, too. I've tried to contact you via your online form but it does not seem to be working, keeps saying I've entered the wrong code although I know its correct. Refreshing the page doesn't help.

Anonymous said...

Sign it. If Hawaii isn't a progressive state, what state is?

Anonymous said...

Gubernatorial veto power should be eliminated in American politics. If the clear majority support an issue, why give dictatorial powers to a single person?

Queers United said...

I agree and think the governor veto power is unfair and unconstitutional.

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