Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ban Left-Handed Marriage

It is estimated that nearly 10% of the population is left-handed, clearly it is unnatural as 90% of the population is right-handed. We must stop left-handed people from forcing us to accept their deviance and not allow them to teach our children that it is okay to use either hand.


BadKitty said...

My grandmother was born left handed, sinister they call the left side in medicine. They tied her hand behind her back to force her to use her right hand.

She did write with her right hand but her handwriting was awful and, guess what, I have the left hand gene.

Being homosexual is like being left handed. It is genetic. We have stopped forcing lefties to be right handed, albeit without a lefty movement; there are even stores specifically for left handed people. now let's move on to other minority human genetics. Maybe by acknowledging we are born that way and we are equal and deserve to be trested as such.

Scot said...

The other day I found out my kids had read "Bobby Has a Left-Handed Mommy" at school. I was incensed!

Erik Granlund said...

I love how after the first caller asked if he was serious, you could here the crew laughing xD

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the video, but I find a fallacy in the simile. The showman proposes to withdraw jus connubium (individual civil right to get married) to left-handed people, but it’s not parallel to forbid same-sex marriage. Gay people are nowadays full-right citizens, and they are allowed to get married, considered as an individual right. This right was denied to castrated people, for instance. Restrictions on whom one is allowed to marry are horse of different color. In any culture there are restrictions in order to avoid incest, but there were laws which forbade interracial marriage, but they don't deny any individual right.

A gay man has right to get married, but to marry a woman. A lesbian has right to get married, but to marry a man. I have the right to speak French or Dutch in Belgium, but this right is useless for me. A bisexual person has limited the exercise of this right to their opposite-sex partners, but not denied the right itself. A car owner, as tax-payer, has the right to park it in the street; parking restrictions don't deny the right itself.

The parody video deals with denying left-handed people the individual right to marry, either a right-handed or a left-handed partner, so it's not comparable with same-sex marriage. We should say "the right to free choice of spouse" instead.

Anonymous said...

To the person above me... actually you are wrong in that 'fallacy' you have found.

A gay male can only marry a female. Yes, true. But by marrying a female HE IS FORCED TO ACT HETEROSEXUAL. Same goes for lesbains and men. So actually they are NOT allowed to marry while retaining their gay identity.

Same applies to left-handed people in this hypothetical paradigm. If they ACT right-handed then they can get married just fine. But if they retain their left-handed ways, they can't.

I liked the simile a lot.


alex canton said...

The truth is that not long ago left-handed people were, in fact, discriminated upon. I am 66 yrs. old and remember how during grammar school some teachers and classmates would treat them quite different from right-handed children.
Being different is difficult to live with everywhere. They are not always granted the same rights.

Anonymous said...

'Being different' is just a cultural connotation that justifies bigotry and bullying... allows someone to feel superior to someone else. There is no 'difference' allowable to keep mature, sane adults from marrying each other, e.g. committing to a life-long relationship, except for those that would prevent interbreeding.

Shawn Landis, Philadelphia Asexual Examiner said...

As an asexual, no one is preventing me from not marrying if I so choose to do so. Saw this video before.

The amazing thing about not caring about sex as much as sexuals do is that I don't really care who marries whom so long as I'm not involved.

Mewi said...

@Shawn Landis, I fail to see what asexuality and marriage have in combination? Asexual doesn't mean not "caring about sex" and I take it you are referring to gender, there are straight asexuals just as much as there are lesbian/gay ones. Don't give me that ludicrous nonsense.

If you are referring to sexual relations, then clearly someone who has absolutely no connection with sex, cannot be saying how much "we sexuals" have it, or discuss about it simply because you don't have it/want it.

Not to mention how you ignore that everyone is different, and speak of people who have sexual desire, or are in love with specific genders, as if we were some sort of deviants.

If you don't care for marriage, then thats your issue, but if you are an asexual that is the same gender of the person you want to marry, then you are just as screwed as we are. Your entire statement was utterly stuck up in my opinion.


Unknown said...

@ Heterogen

"A gay man has right to get married, but to marry a woman. A lesbian has right to get married, but to marry a man."

What if we flipped the tables and somehow queers were the overwhelming majority on the planet? How would you feel if we decided we thought heterosexual cisgender people were immoral, abnormal, shouldn't be accepted in their places of worship, didn't deserve to serve proudly in the military, made unfit parents, and maybe they had some sort of disgusting mental disorder? Imagine what it would be like if we told you, "Straight people would disrupt our family values. Therefore, they can't marry the opposite-sex person they love. They have to pretend to be gay!"

You wouldn't be happy, would you? People--whatever their orientation--can't help who the love!

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