Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tell Meghan McCain to Convince her Father to Repeal DADT

Failed republican presidential candidate John McCain's daughter has been a strong and outspoken straight republican ally of the LGBT community, in a party where alliance with queers is frowned upon, and downright politically suicidal. Meghan has spoken up countless times in and urged conservatives to embrace marriage equality and for equality and justice for her gay and lesbian friends.

Now we need Meghan McCain to convince her father Senator John McCain to reconsider his opposition to repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell. Please urge her to talk to her father before the Defense Budget Bill gets its vote in the senate.


Reed Boyer said...

Just found this blog through Facebook. Definitely following it.

Nox said...

does anyone really think they haven't had this conversation already? don't get me wrong, all 'gratz to her if she finally did convince him, but sometimes family issues can cloud the air.

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