Saturday, October 4, 2008

Active Campaigns on Sidebar

Just a little site update, thanks to the suggestion from Sabertooth Screaming Lemur one of our loyal readers we decided to add an active campaigns feature to the sidebar. Sabertooth Screaming Lemur suggested a feature for have a listing of companies we should support and those we should boycott.

The active campaigns feature will be updated regularly but will contain the top few posts that are really crucial for us to act on. This is good for those who don't want to have to read every post and simply come to the site for action alerts and also for new readers who didn't see an old post entry that may still be relevant.

I always appreciate feedback and am more than happy to implement suggestions that make the site more user friendly and ultimately leads to making the entire planet a "safe-space". ~ ah, I guess that will be tomorrow's word of the gay ;)

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