Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jason & deMarco - This Is Love!

A beautiful music video featuring couple Jason & deMarco who are gay-christian music singers. Although they say their music is neither religious nor gay, they certainly incorporate elements of their spiritual and gay life. Their work is important within the LGBT community and beyond. They are invited to perform at predominantly straight but affirming churches throughout the country.


Anonymous said...

How interesting. I've never understood the whole allure of Christianity for gay people.

On the one hand its practitioners preach tolerance but in the other hand is the stone which they will cast upon us.

That said, these guys chickened out in my opinion. The quick little peck on the lips? Come on, give us a good snogging session.

Anonymous said...

Wow impressive........ Shows real love. Thanks for posting it.


Thom said...

Truthspew, I cannot see how Christianity is any less aluring for gays than straights.

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