Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Latest No on 8 Commercial - "The Education Issue"


Leah and Tyler Forester said...

Hi you wrote a comment on my blog about allowing homosexuals to have rights . They do. If prop 8 passes they will have the same rights as any heterosexual couple has under the california partner law. please respond back on my blog. thanks

Anonymous said...

This ad is a little deceiving of course. Marriage *is* taught in 96% of schools even though technically it's not required. So is he saying all schools will stop teaching about marriage if prop 8 fails? If he is suggesting that, I think that's more "hate" speech than the Yes on 8 campaign. Just following the logic of this. I would say it's better to just come forth and be clear on this issue in a way that makes people more accepting of this idea rather than trying to trick them into it.

Just my thoughts.

Queers United said...

Anon - cali law allows parents with religious/moral concerns to have their kids opt out of anything they don't like anyways.

Anonymous said...

Well, that may be a good argument, but that's sort of my point. I think the reason Barack Obama's campaign, for example, has been so successful is because he's been able to gain the trust of people on both sides. O'Connell should have taken some advice from Barack and just spell it out and trust the good hearts of the American people. I think he's being a "Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish". More people, in fact, seem to be in favor of Gay Marriage now than they were in 2000, which means acceptance is growing. Just need to be a little careful. :)

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