Saturday, October 11, 2008

Marriage Rally Video in Ct

Video footage and news coverage of the rally in Connecticut yesterday celebrating the fact that same-sex marriage has become legal. Connecticut will begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses on October 28th and will allow out of state couples to wed in the state.

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Anonymous said...

Mark my words, Rhode Island will be next.

The reason I say that is because there is one case that the RI Supreme Court is going to have to hear this year. It's the divorce case of Margaret Chambers and Casandra Ormiston.

Seems the RI Family Court Act defines marriage as a man and woman and that is the main obstacle to the divorce.

Patricia Hurst, a justice in the RI Superior court told the ladies that if they were to bring their case based on violation of their rights under the RI Constitution it would mean the overturning of the Family Court Act.

Justice Hurst also castigated the legislature and executive for failing to act on this matter.

It will come in the 2009 session. And once that gets decided it's a simple case law jump to gay marriage.

I have already written the Speaker William Murphy and Senate President Joseph Montalbano about their obstinacy in granting marriage equality.

For the past few years the judicial committee has recommended a floor vote and Murphy and Montalbano keep quashing it. They're both good Catholic boys btw.

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