Monday, June 1, 2009

Stonewall 2.0 Protests and Rallies

This thread began with marriage equality demonstrations in California before and after proposition 8 passed. It has grown into a nationwide phenomenon sparking demonstrations in every state demanding state and federal recognition for LGBT people. This list is now the Stonewall 2.0 listing and will continually be updated with new demos.

If you have info on a demonstration/event please use the contact form to let us know!

Wednesday June 3rd

Concord, New Hampshire
9:00am - till vote
The State House Plaza
107 N Main Street

Equality Bus from Vermont to New Hampshire

Saturday, June 27

Jun 27 12AM-Jun 29 11AM
Driving Equality Arizona

Sunday, June 28th

March for Equality

Saturday, August 1st

Melbourne, Australia

DATE Saturday 1 August, 2009, 1.00pm
VENUE Federation Square
INFO Rally and mass illegal wedding
CONTACT Martin Baldock (0423 912 766)

Sydney, Australia

DATE Saturday 1 August, 2009
VENUE Starts at Sydney Town Hall
INFO March to Darling Harbour for mass illegal wedding outside Labor Party
National Conference, CONTACT Ben Cooper (0432 957 213)

Brisbane, Australia

DATE Saturday 1 August, 2009, 1.00pm
VENUE Queens Park
CONTACT Ingrid Nielsen,

Canberra, Australia

DATE Saturday 1 August, 2009. 1pm.
VENUE Main stage, Garema Place, Civic.
INFO Rally & illegal gay wedding, followed by march to Bob McMullan's office.
CONTACT John Kloprogge (0422 913 942)

Locations and times to be determined at... Check back with Equal Love.

Adelaide, Australia

Darwin, Australia

Geelong, Australia

Lismore, Australia

Hobart, Australia

Perth, Australia

Sunday, Oct 10 (2010)
National March for Equality
National Mall, Washington D.C.


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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Those are actually the same protest.

Anonymous said...

Please add the orange county protests to your listing.

Queers United said...

Thanks you anon 1 I will update the post.

Anonymous 2 - I need all the info about orange county protests. I am not from California, I am trying my best to help out so please let me know ALL details.

Anonymous said...

hahaha that's all me, sorry, it's the same protest.


Anonymous said...

I'm not saying the protests are wrong, but...wasn't Prop 8 already decided by the votes ?

Anonymous said...

And it can't be repealed? Challenged in Courts? This is the new civil rights battle.

There are already lawsuits.

Miss Lizzie said...

as far as I know anything can be challenged in courts.

especially if it's radically unconstitutional like Prop 8 is

Anonymous said...

Date: Saturday, November 8, 2008
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Location: 1 W. Wacker Drive
City/Town: Chicago, IL

I think it's a combo protest with James Dobson being in town.

Anonymous said...

There are so many separate efforts going on- we need to unite? Any ideas on how to get our message "under on roof"

Anonymous said...

Prop 8 is our 9-11. We were attacked. This means war.

Anonymous said...

Here in Burlington, VT and wanting to protest this discrimination. I've been trying to see if we can get others here out. Any help organizing would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Focus our energy. These are the folks to go after.

Anonymous said...

While I bear no fuzzy feelings towards the Mormons, going after them will achieve nothing.

Anonymous said...

We need to let the mormons know that there is a cost to what they have done. They need to meet us face to face. See the people that they hurt by their actions.

Anonymous said...

Friday night at De La Guerra Plaza in Santa Barbara 5pm.

Chino Blanco said...

Great list. Wish I could be there, but we're all cheering you on. Thank you!

~Julie Phineas~ said...

We are starting The Rainbow Dragon Network. We are asking all LGBT Organization leaders to send their location and email address to to be added to the contact list! More TBA on Lez Get Real tmw.

Anonymous said...

For those of you in the Palm Springs area (or wish to come down here) there is a Community Rally at Palm Springs City Hall at 5:00 pm, Friday, November 7, 2008.

OlympicFan said...

Replying to, "wasn't Prop 8 already decided by the votes?":
That implies that this was a fair way to adjudicate an issue of human rights -- by letting people vote on it?!? Attempting to amend the State Constitution to take away my right to marry is not the same as society agreeing to elect the president in a general election. The issue was not a fair one to take to the ballot box in the first place, and we should not go quietly into the night just because the YES side eked out a slim majority and now claims some kind of "mandate from the people."

Anonymous said...

oh gag! get over yourselves.. you weren't attacked. marriage should and will always be between one man and one woman...stop being drAMA QUEERS!

Anonymous said...

Here's a petition to sign on Prop 8:

Anonymous said...

hey there, im going to add your blog to my blog roll. I want to keep up with this

Anonymous said...

Prop 8 protest on 11/7/07 @ 6pm in Downtown San Jose, CA at the Cesar Chavez Plaza (Market & San Carlos).

Anonymous said...

During these last few weeks some people feel that they have the RIGHT to voice their hatred and give their opinion of how they hate gays. Being passive and "taking the high road" is what the No on prop 8 (HRC) campaign decided was appropriate. Now is the time to get angry. Now is the time to demand respect and to be treated as a legitimate person.

Reuven said...

You should moderate the posts to eliminate distracting ones from MORMON operatives!

Also watch for Mormon infiltrators! They are as well trained as any other terrorist group. Be careful.

p.Johanna said...


MontgomeryRats said...

I'm inviting all my friends to the Nov 8 4 pm in Woodland Hills... anyone know who is sponsoring this? e-mail me at


Glen said...

Great to see anger turned to action.
Please check out our song "ABOMINATION", and
follow along the lyrics, the words have never been more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I'm all the way across the country, but I totally support you guys. I've also made a donation to help support efforts to repeal Prop 8. We need to get angry, and we need to show that this bigotry has to stop!

Enrique said...

Is there any protest or vigils in NY?

Anonymous said...

We need a nationally organized march and response. these small marches are great but a large mass march by all those who are concerned should be organized a national level simultaneously in multiple cities

wonderwillow said...

Massive Protest in EVERY CITY, 10:30 PST Saturday November 15th at YOUR city hall.

Anonymous said...

Here are some protest signs in Russian... there are lots of ultra-homophobic Russian Christians in Sacramento, so if you protest there -- or in West Hollywood, for that matter -- consider using these.

tuk tuk said...

Thanks for the info on San Diego marches. This demands lots and lots of positive action.

Anonymous said...

The People United Will Never be Defeated!

It is time again to take our call for equality to the street -

It is time again to use our wallets where it counts - Economic boycotts of companies that do not support our community! Boycott that companies that offer support to those that oppose our Civil Rights -

Anonymous said...

When the evil doers hate you, you know you must be doing something right. I'm A proud drAMA QUEERS!

Anonymous said...

if you havn't heard, there is also a march tonight (11/7) at the South Coast Plaza (in Costa Mesa, CA) starting at 9pm on Bristol.

Anonymous said...

Vote Yes On Proposition 8
Protect Marriage.

No POINT protesting. It cannot be overturned.
Just making gays look worse.


DON'T be CHILDISH and beg for what you cannot win in this state.




Anonymous said...

Ironically, I read that 80%+ of all the African-Americans who came out to vote this year, ALSO voted NO on 8...2 steps forward, 2 steps back...

Anonymous said...

You mean the African Americans who came out voted YES on 8!

Anonymous said...

YES...dyslexic sorry

Ourtbeat said...

Please visit - The November 15th Protest will be a NATIONAL PROTEST SHOWING THE COUNTRY THAT WE CAN MOBILIZE AS ONE FIERCE COMMUNITY! Please spread the word! Attend every protest you can, but if you have to choose one, please choose the one that helps us move as one loud NATIONAL voice! Let's make some noise and remind the country that we will come together and demand to be heard!

Anonymous said...


California STATE CAPITOL protests have been going on since the news that we were killed under PROP 8, each night we meet at the steps of the state capitol and protest and march around the city! There were Hundreds and hundreds last night-- please, come with us!

IhateHATE said...

Dear bigot who votes for 8:

You are a pathetic excuse for an American, please go back to Mormonville with the rest of your cult and leave us alone. We will


stop fighting for freedom and liberty! Sorry to tell you, but you are brainwashed and God is on our side...


this fight will NEVER be over until we are treated as equal citizens under the law!


Anonymous said...

It's not just the mormons who came out against this - what about the Catholic Church?!

Weekly Orange County Progressive said...

Anonymous said...

As an openly gay man, and I am deeply offended by the actions of the protesters with respects to prop 8. This is NOT MY COMMUNITY! My community is better than this.

I spent nearly 25 years working for the Los Angeles Police Department (I am now retired) and I have a lot of respect for the City and people who call it home. I will never support activity like this.

Since June 21st 1991, I was openly gay with The LAPD- so I know a bit about "hate" and discrimination! I was on the "skirmish lines" during the AB101 protests back in the 1990's as a GAY officer- I had rocks and bottles thrown at me by my own damn community members- It was offensive then and it is offensive now.

When I see the photos in the LA times I see men and women who I know standing out on the skirmish lines with riot gear on- how shameful the protesters are!

Prior to this year’s election, I personally saw young men (who did not live in my community) out in the darkness ripping down "Yes on 8" signs out near my home in Agau Dulce/ Acton in LA County. They ran to a waiting car which was displaying the "rainbow flag." I shook my head in shame!

This is not who I am or what I stand for. Those involved should be ashamed of themselves and our community really needs to step back and take a hard look at themselves.

In the weeks leading up to the vote on Nov 4th, I and other voters frequently saw stories about Militant GLBT'S from the "No" campaign using violence to get out their message out. For Example, in Modesto, CA. a man was beaten and sent to the E/R- his crime? Posting "yes on 8" signs! In Fullerton, 5 gay men were arrested for the theft of "Yes on 8" signs after leaving a gay bar rally for "NO on 8". Acts of vandalism, and hate were by far more common with the "No" side (and sadly GLBT's) than the yes side. Now add to the mix that I know our community (GLBT) condones "goading tactics" when it comes to religion- I will not be a part of that!

I could care less about the actions of the YES side- they are not my community and I expect and require that my community act in a lawful, ethical manner-otherwise count me out!!!

Now I see images of a gay man jumping up and down on a LAPD patrol car in Hollywood while officers grapple with one on the asphalt. Now we have angry protesters blocking traffic and making threats towards a church- a house of worship. I am not Mormon- but I find the assault of ANY church deeply troubling and offensive- no matter what the name of it is! To say I was angry with the protesters was an understatement!

YESTERDAY! A GAY MAN from Palmdale, CA on MYSPACE said, "where is the F***** Mormon Church lets burn it down!" I took his remarks and sent them right to MYSPACE as TOS violations and then sent them to the proper law enforcement officials- THIS IS WRONG! The conduct of the GLBT community has crossed serious lines with this-there can be no excuse for this type of conduct.

I, AS A GAY MAN, WILL NEVER-EVER SUPPORT ACTIONS LIKE THIS! I will never knowingly associate with people who support actions like this- this is a basic violation of the things I hold dear in my life! Gay community or not means nothing- you cannot justify this type of conduct-NO WAY!

The Mormon Church is an easy target for those mindless protesters- the history of this church makes this clear. As I said, I am not a Mormon- but I respect the site as a church and respect it because of the values this nation was built upon.

Lori Jean, The director of the Los Angeles Gay and lesbian Center made remarks out in front of the Mormon Temple yesterday which could only be viewed as attempting to start a RIOT! I called her at the gay Community Center yesterday voiced my disgust for her actions as a community leader and the fact she claims to speak for the gay community. Lori Jean, The “director” of the gay Community Center in Los Angeles was a real part of the problem in trying to sell voters on Prop 8- she brings with her and “in your face” militant agendas when it comes to GLBT issues- “in your face tactics never work. Lori and her cronies at the Los Angeles Center clearly condone and advocate the use of “terror tactics” by radical members of our community to scar people and force agendas upon people- this is clear by the conduct of many in our community since the passage of prop 8.

If you are heterosexual and believe in God and then vote your beliefs- Lori and her cronies label you a “bigot” and “hate mongers” just to name a few. Support your beliefs and stand up for your values- Expect that Lori jean and get gay Gestapo’s will use cyber terrorism to post your information all over the internet! If you are gay and criticize her and the “movement” you are labeled a “self loathing gay man” (or a woman) which is OK with me- those protesters need me much more than I need them! I am happy with whatever label they choose to place upon me! I am sick of this whole thing-It’s time to move on.

The voters have spoken Lori Jean- from one gay man to a lesbian women-GET A LIFE AND MOVE ON! Let it alone! By keeping at this you run the risk of a nationwide back lash. Yes, all those protesters who showed up at LA’s CNN and were beamed all over the USA- yea that will cause people to support us! What a bunch of fools!
If you are going to label those who voted "yes on 8" as "bigots" then please feel free to add my name to that list because I voted YES on prop 8-A GAY MAN! Just because I am gay does not mean I will march in "lock step" with the rest of the GLBT community-there will be no "free pass" in my views for GLBT's who act in this way. I will never support the actions or a community who acts like this.

The best way we can think of in getting out our message is DIRECTLY IMPACT RESPONSIBLE GAY OWNED BUSINESS in this tuff economy and have them communicate to people like Lori Jean and the others that their actions do more harm than good. So, my partner and I have opted to BOYCOTT ALL GAY OWENED AND OPERATED businesses (bars-ect) anywhere in California until further notice. We have no intention of spending money in places which will only turn around and hand it to the militants who want to trample over other rights of others-no way no how! The GLBT community needs to understand that if they want the support of RESPONSIBLE gay men; like us-then they should act like a CIVILIZED ADULTS-not spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum.

To all the Str8 and ‘civilized’ people and readers of Los Angeles, this is one gay man who wishes to apologize for the actions of the GLBT community. Sadly, the actions of a few jerks in the GLBT community have not cast a stain on the whole community- we are not all like this nor do we support the actions of those who violate the law or act out in this way. I can only hope that news outlets like the Los Angeles times will seek out those of us who DO NOT SUPPORT THIS ACTIVITY AND LET US TELL OUR STORY! We have a right to have our feelings known also.

Agua Dulce, CA 91390

Anonymous said...

Wow, John. John, I have a certain values system, and so I voted "yes" on 8 because of my beliefs and my right to do so. I also campaigned for "8" I was harassed, flipped of had things thrown at me, followed in my car, followed onto my own property and cursed badly, and much, much more. I got the impression throughout this whole thing that most gays were like this. I you're not all the way I perceived. Thank you for your comments.

Anonymous said...

AMEN JOHN!!!!! Finally a voice of reason among us. I was dying inside listening to Lori Jean calling the Mormons bigots, accusing them running a deceitful campaign, and trying to rally the gay community to practically riot. She had her facts wrong and made us look like idiots. Protesting churches will never further our cause. They are the last group of people who will be sympathetic to us. And attacking them will only piss off everyone and possibly even get more people on their side. Our position was "Stop the H8" And now we look like a bunch of hypocrites. Let's calm down, stay away from churches and temples and rally at civic centers, capitol buildings, city halls, etc., etc., Be peaceful, stay safe, and live to fight another day!

Anonymous said...

Very well spoken, I agree. Protesting churches will not do anything but make the situation worse than it already is

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Reid,

I write this letter with a heavy heart. I have always been a Democrat and even a fan of you when you ran the Senate with difficult circumstances and numbers.
I have to tell you though with California's Prop 8 passing due by and large to your Church, I have a difficult time believing you grasp the difference between the separation of Church and state. Your Church became a lobbying machine and because of that, it should be held accountable. One of the ways is it by eliminating their eligibility for tax free status. You did not come out and cry foul when your church spent countless dollars in a state they are not even based in. How can I trust you to run a fair agenda when you could not even stand up to your own church. Not even a symbolic gesture. I don't feel like you speak for the people because you helped and stood by while my friends, family, and my own cilvil rights were hijacked. I find your silence almost more disgusting then your churches actions. I believe you should step down as Senate Leader. I know you won't but I think you owe the people of California an apology. You don't even have a selection for civil rights on your web... So what is this struggle for equality called in your world?

With all the respect your church showed us,


brian said...


I am gay and christian and while I deplore any violent protest or abuse against law enforcement I believe that we have no choice left but to take to the streets like so many did at stonewall without that protest we would not enjoy the limited rights we have.

The mormon church is a legitimate protest focus because of the stand they took. I dont mean Mormons individually but the institution.

You can be sure the Catholic church and others will no doubt be addressed also.

We as a community can sit idle and let our rights be erroded or take action whether marching or writing to congress or even working with in the church to change its stance.

With out the protests of the past there is no doubt that people would not have the right to be openly gay in law enforcement.

I do think these protests should be civilised calm and to the point and not degenerate into additional bigotry we are trying to fight.

This is a civil rights movement no different than the one in the 60's which gave equall rights for african americans.

LHB said...

Shouldn't we be drafting a repeal of Prop 8 proposition for the next election in 2 years in addition to protesting?

a) Considering the swing towards gay rights since Prop 22 eight years ago, the trend should work in our favor in just a handful more years anyway.

b) Mormons can't continually empty out their savings every election cycle. At some point they'll get tapped out.

c) We need to fight this on all fronts including the ballot. Don't let homophobes be the only ones to make use of the popular vote and us use the courts. Let's use both!

Anonymous said...

please add this sunday's la jolla mormon temple protest

Anonymous said...

Okay! So I'm not for any illegal activity or hate on either side. How can we expect people to be tolerant, equal, and respectful of other people if we (as in the community of supporters and homosexuals) don't do the same.
Saying this, we are having a rally in Rancho Cucamonga CA on Tues Nov 11th at 1pm. We're meeting at the corner of Haven and Foothill. Bring a friend and a RESPECTFUL sign that shows we're not stopping!
Please come if you're in the area and support!
Thanks so much!
facebook event: rancho rally

Anonymous said...

I'm a retired police officer, 29 years in the SFPD, and have stood on line at dozens of demonstrations. I was impressed by the restraint shown by all but a couple of demonstrators in LA. I'll be at the demonstration at St. Mary's Cathedral on Sunday, and look forward to boycotting Utah and mormon businesses. When churches finance, staff and operate political campaigns they open themselves to criticism and protest like any other political organization.

I'm sorry for the damage that was done to you brother, I hope one day you can stand up for yourself and your community.

San Francisco

Marissa said...

I think it's so funny how you people preach against hate, but yet you spew hate from your own mouths. Your protest at the LA Temple last night was full of nothing but hate. Practice what you preach!

Queers United said...

Marissa - I fail to see any hate in that video, I see beautiful civil rights activists practicing non-violence.
SHAME ON YOU! You hurt our families and deserve to lose your tax exemption.

Marissa said...

HAHAHAHAHHAAA...You don't hear the hate in their voices?? I never saw a mormon raise their voice like that. YOU are a disgrace to the human race, Queers United! Shame on YOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

Marissa said...

Did I ever say I was mormon? No I didn't. But at this point I'd rather be mormon than be a homo.

Queers United said...

Well if you aren't a homo or an ally, get lost. This is a blog for humans with a heart, we aren't about fighting for spineless bigot rights.

Anonymous said...

Well u have ignorant so you are on your way to mormonism God speed and yes my god loves everyone. No picking and choosing.

Marissa said...

Humans with a heart? Doesn't look like you people have hearts.

Marissa said...

I have ignorant? What does that mean?

Buffy said...

Hey anonymous, grow a pair and use your name.

But then you guys never have any except when you're hiding behind your religion or "anonymous". Then you're suddenly kings of the world and can squash all the queers under one boot heel, eh?

Cowardly bigots.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a human right issue, it is a morality issue. That is why Prop 8 won. No matter how many marches or protests you do, the majority of Californians do not approve of gay marriage and that will not change.

Anonymous said...

WE WILL OVERCOME...seperate church and state,that is the law and we will win..christians need to get a life and worry about themselves, i pray for there souls that they may all burn in christian hell together

Anonymous said...

I read on facebook about a rally on November 9 in Los Angeles near Sunset blvd. anyone have any info on this? I am interested in attending

Anonymous said...

Why is it sooo important that you "gays" have to call your commitment a marriage? You have all the same rights as everyone else does. Why can't yours be called a union? Why must you intefere with traditional marriage? You all are out of the closet now, more open than any of us care you to be, but noone cares if you are gay or living together as a couple. You just don't have any business calling it a marriage.

Jodie said...

My gf and I are trying to organize a protest in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl during the famous Rose Bowl Flea Market. I'd like to march around the Rose Bowl as many times as we can stand it. Does anyone know how to go about organizing this. I need some help. My number is 323.793.1366,

LA Hockeyplayer said...

Hey everyone,
Mostly good posts and good work!
But remember to keep all protests and demonstrations peaceful, respectful and positive. We gain nothing by being negative, hurtful or violent as that plays into the hands of our opponents and enemies. We need to take the high road, win people over, educate, alleviate their fears, not turn them against us. We will never influence everyone, but an additional 20%-30% of voters will join us once they really understand what marriage and equel protection for all is truely about. This has become a crucial time, we are particapating and witnessing a new civil right movement that is in the process of being born. Everyone has to take responsibility that it is thought out and proceeded with in a responsible and positive manner.

Marissa said...

Check this video out. But they don't hate! Only Mormons hate, right?? Homosexuals spewing out hatred at an innocent man. WOW

True Marriage said...

Defend Traditonal Marriage

Matt said...

Please keep this forum gay friendly by deleting the hate comments like the 2 above this one.

wonderwillow said...


We are in Moreno Valley, California and want to participate in a no on 8 protest at the Moreno Valley, City Hall on Nov. 15 at 10:30. Address is 14177 Frederick St. Moreno Valley, Ca. 92552.
We would like to find others in our area who want to participate also. Email: Thank you, Sylvia

wonderwillow said...

and here's the Facebook page for the New York City protest on 11/15

Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows anything between Domestic Partnership and marriage would know the benefits are not the same. So pull your head out of your ass do research before you speak. And saying we have no heart? Do we take away mormons rights... oh ya bigamy. Me bad.....

starevelina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
starevelina said...

Can somebody please moderate the comments so that the trolls aren't disrupting our organizing? And can we please recognize a troll when we see one? Anybody repeating "as a gay man" over and over and trying to get people not to protest for their rights is not gay and is trying to undermine the protest.
It's wonderful to see everybody out there! I've been watching the news and seeing pictures and reading the blogs from way out here in Massachusetts and it's inspiring to see y'all taking the struggle to the public! Keep on keepin' on and I'll be with you in Mass on Nov. 15th!

Queers United said...

Hey folks, I am the moderator and have no problem with people expressing their point of view. I will delete spam, violent and bigoted posts, I reserve the right to do so. I am open to anti-gays coming here to express their viewpoint, maybe they will learn something? If you don't like what they are saying simply ignore them.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find more info. on the Nov. 15th protest in Providence, RI. We ALL need to protest on Nov. 15th. It needs to be the talk of the nation and it needs to continue after Nov. 15th. We can no longer just ask for our rights - we need to demand them. If anyone has info. on the RI event, please email me: Thanks! Andrew

Kelly said...

Thank you for creating this list. I'm hoping to attend some of the events in Orange County, CA.

Katie said...

There's also a rally at the Oakland Mormon Church on Sunday November 9th at 12 p.m.
Where: Oakland Mormon Temple
4766 Lincoln Ave.
Oakland, CA 94602
When: Sunday, 9 November 2008, 12:00 Noon

Here is the website:

Bill Jesdale said...

Loved taking part in the march last night in SF, but I'm concerned about some of the messaging -

Anonymous said...

I just want to say THANK YOU for keeping us all informed, this is now one of my go-to sites aside from no on prop 8 to find out about events taking place in our community.

I have seen over the past few weeks many arguments on both sides of this issue and as a Lesbian I of course support marriage for everyone. I think the main issue we are having is relating our fight to other civil rights movements.

People need to realize that our right to marry, is no different than the right of African Americans, or Latino's to marry. What if they passed a law saying all Caucasians are unable to drive, because they loose their right to drive a car. It would never stand, same if they tried to repeal the right for women to vote. Its all the same, we are a minority who deserve equality.

I only hope that we can stick it out, and not get tired and distracted, but keep up the movement, we have a long rode ahead of us, and chance are we need to make it a weekly or monthly habit for what might even be 2 years or more before we get justice.

Keep up the movement!

Nicole said...

Thank you! I will be sure to be attending some of these!!

Get your original shirts and pins to wear to the protests at

Anonymous said...

Mormon Temple protest 11/9 noon

Let's Meet the Mormons.

You know what they said about us. Now, after Prop 8 has passed, they should meet the people whose rights they've taken away.

Where: Oakland Mormon Temple
4766 Lincoln Ave.
Oakland, CA 94602
When: Sunday, 9 November 2008, 12:00 Noon

Bring your signs, your flags, and wear your Sunday best. Be respectful. Leave your anger at home. Win hearts, minds, and votes. Overcome hate with love.

And don't forget: Not all Mormons voted against us. Some Mormons are gay or lesbian.

Support those who supported us. And change the minds of those who didn't.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have more information on the protest scheduled for the LDS Church in La Jolla (San Diego County)? If so, please email Greg is the Managing Editor of Channel 6 in San Diego and he's requesting more information such as who's organizing the protest.

Queers United said...

CORRECTION: SUNDAY 11/9 Rancho Santa Margarita, 5-8pm
Lake Santa Margarita, Santa Margarita Pkwy, Rancho Santa Margarita
We will begin at the south side of RSM lake and probably plan a course down Santa Margarita Pkwy.

I originally wrote Tues so I wanted to correct that, please tell your friends!

Thank you everyone for your positive comments and your commitment to activism. This is our second stonewall, and we will not shutup. POWER TO THE PEOPLE, AND QUEERS ARE PEOPLE TO!


Queers United said...

lol oops sorry the contact is for the rancho santa margarita posting, i dont know how that got under my comment.

Protest Prop 8! said...

we have started posting flyers and posters for people to download on our blog!

start getting signs now! tell your friends!

Anonymous said...

I am very exited about the morman protest in san diego tomorrow, everyone should attend, lets try and spread the word!

Anonymous said...

My name is Ashley Kelley and while I am not gay I am a proud supporter and I think prop 8 is BS! Something we as Americans meaning we are ALL equal, should not even be voting on! Everyone should have the right to marry WHOEVER they want! I am going to try my best to be in La Jolla tomorrow with my husband and son. Thats right: I am going to teach my son that everyone is equal and gay marriage is the same as straight marriage about LOVE! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

People say they're inconvenienced when we stop traffic at a rally. So I'm making a sign that reads, "Your Traffic Ban: 1 Hour. Our Marriage Ban: A Lifetime."

thegayte-keeper said...

Don't let them take away YOUR rights!!!

Sarah said...

Please add:

TOMORROW protest Prop 8 Central Sq. Cambridge, MA, 12-3

via @technogoddess and @noon8

Thank you for this list!!

Anonymous said...

I want to start propositions that will force organizations such as the mormon church to spend even more money - such as a proposition to prevent any further expansion of the mormon church in California, and a proposition to repeal Prop 8 and guarantee in the constitution non-discrimination based on sexual orientation. Can anyone provide guidance as to how to make this happen?

Candace said...

I think on a city level or county level you might be able to file suites to keep them from expanding.

I want to create a list of all the San Diego/ CA business who support our LGBT communities. As well as a list of those who are very much against our causes. Then pass it out as a flier at some up coming protests, make it available online and all that good stuff.

Anyone wanna work together on it? or know of some companies/ businesses/ locations which should be on it?

Anonymous said...

PLEASE STOP the protest! It just makes us look like we are throwing a big fit. They are winning we look stupid. The state voted not just the Mormans. We NEED to leave them alone. They just aren't ready yet!

Michael said...

Gay people showing their true selves

Michael said...

I no longer sympathize with the homosexual community. WOW

Anonymous said...

The argument that civil unions/domestic partnerships are the same as marriages doesn't fly - separate is *never* equal - just ask African-Americans who were forced to use "Blacks Only" faucets, bathrooms, seating, etc.

As for the LDS Church, I find it ironic that an organization that itself was persecuted for their beliefs throughout history (kicked out of New York, Illinois, etc., forced to renounce plural marriage for Utah's statehood, forced to accept African-Americans in their membership in the '70s, etc) is now the persecutor of another marginalized group of people.

Anonymous said...

The LDS Church is probably back pedalling now because their IRS Tax Exempt status is under threat

Anonymous said...

You know, the Constitution (including California's) was designed to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. Think of the Civil Rights movements!...The majority (of the U.S.) was in favor or indifferent about slavery, racial inequality, women's rights.

Anti-Gay rights positions are all on the wrong side of history and our country is changing. I'm sorry that some of you are so scared of change. I hate to break it to you but, it will happen with or wothout your enlightenment.

El mas chingon said...

Ok losers... the master said come unto me....includes you losers. There is hope for you.

Candace said...

Would you have told MLK to stop his protests and wait until the American public was ready? Should African Americans have just sat waiting around until someone finally figured out separate is not equal. Our forefathers fought against unfair laws, and lost their lives for our freedom. Many members of the LGBT community have served our country, and have lost their lives defending our freedom.

Imagine if Denny's decided not to serve Latinos, or if no Caucasians were allowed in Walmart, how long would those laws last? They would immediately have protesters, and lawsuits.

Our struggles are no different than any of these...

Anonymous said...

How dare you infringe on my rights to protect my own dignity! I will not be silent and treated like a second-class citizen! I will not let ignorance, intolerance, and hate dictate what I can say and do in my life. A small majority of people voted for Prop 8--- but millions voted No on this discrimination. You need to take a lesson on how Constitutions protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority---We live in a Republic not a monarchy!

"Anonymous said...
PLEASE STOP the protest! It just makes us look like we are throwing a big fit. They are winning we look stupid. The state voted not just the Mormans. We NEED to leave them alone. They just aren't ready yet!

November 8, 2008 10:38 PM "

El mas chingon said...

MLK like the the Obamination would've supported Yes on 8, u loser.

Anonymous said...

You know, it is said in pyschological circles that the people who have the most to hide or are unconfortable with some aspect of themselves are usually the most fearful, hateful, and defensive.

I sense that from you Chingon. Grow up and accept who and what you are. It's a free world and you don't need to drag anyone down to your level of self-loathing.

El mas chingon said...

Losers..... Here lies a pearl to the swine.... Gender is a premortal, mortal and post mortal identity.... You can't wish it away.... stop watching DR 90210...... losers.

Buffy said...

National day of protest Saturday November 15th!

T. R Xands said...

This would be a great time to see what my campus GLBT support group has going on. Or if there's anything going on in East TN...or the south.

T. R Xands said...

Also, to people who want to stop the protests, what else, exactly, would you rather do?

Anonymous said...

Candace and others, gays and MLK have no commonality. How dare you abscond with this Christian man's legacy! This issue is about SIN, not skin. MLK advocated peaceful protest; your people idolize the violent Stonewall Riots as the way to demand their 'rights.'
2 wrongs (homosexuality; perverting marriage) do not make a 'civil' right!
If you want to practice your sexual perversion, do so in your own bedroom, but don't flaunt it in the streets and demand marriage as your 'right'. You are simply using the 'love and marriage' issue as an excuse to justify attacking Christians publicly. Only Christians oppose and expose homosexuality for the abomination it is before God, thus you seek to destroy God's definition of marriage.
May these protests result in the American people waking up and realizing this anarchy is the result of decriminalizing the sin of sodomy!

Candace said...

So when a Black man wants to Marry a White woman, and for 150 years there were laws against this. It isn't the same as a man wanting to marry another man, or a woman wanting to marry another woman. I am sorry but to me, and millions of others it is the same unjust laws which prevented marriage then, that are now preventing marriage once again.

T. R Xands said...

Anon & 12:54 AM

Well, his wife, Miss Coretta Scott King, supported LGBT rights. I find that pretty great that she managed to carry on the spirit of his legacy that way. Also, MLK is dead and can't even defend himself and here you go putting statements in his mouth.

Clarissa said...

Look at these pictures. I just can't believe the religious bigotry of these homosexuals. I am beyond shocked at their hatred.

Jo Mama said...

Just a thought, but the protests at the Mormon temples might get more attention on Saturdays.

First, the temple is closed on Sunday.

Second, Saturday is when all the weddings take place at the temple. Fitting, no?

Anonymous said...

brian said...

Clarissa, Bigotry is the the theme song and anthem of the church and established religios institutions who should have spent their millions to feed the poor in their congregations.

Ann said...

Candlelight vigils against Prop 8 are going on in the South Bay and Peninsula on Monday, Nov. 10th from 5p to 6:30p.

Anonymous said...

Keep targeting Mormons, as a supporter of Prop 8 I think it is great idea. You are making all our points for us!!!

Oh, by the way, you can still get married on the same terms as everyone else--that's not discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and please keep up your fight to strip these churches of their tax exempt status. Their lawyers already made sure to structure their support in a way that won't jeopardize their tax exempt status, but why not waste time on lost causes. It just furthers the goals of traditional marriage by keeping you distracted! Yes on 8!

Ihavenoname said...

December 1st:

Chino Blanco said...

From AmericaBlog:

Protest opportunity in Ogden, Utah tonight?

OK, I need your help,

There is a golden chance for another protest in Utah on Sunday night. President Boyd K. Packer will be speaking Sunday night at 6:30 at the Weber State University LDS Institute of Religion, in Ogden, Utah. Just google his name in connection to gay rights and he is the leading church authority pushing this issue from the inside. It would be a good rally and protest, I just need the word to get out and circulated.


Thank you,


petshop_grrrl said...

These seem to be great slogans for self-made marching signs:

- 48 TO 52%

Let's make ourselves visible, people!

Anonymous said...

Oh you religious zealots! So judgemental - so righteous.

Read some history and realize that religion has, more often than not, been on the wrong side of human rights.

There is so much irony in a persecuted church becoming the persecutors. I think the religious institutions that supported this (most notably the LDS church) will come to regret their efforts to legislate discrimination.

Fortunately, we live in a Constitutional Republic and the same laws that allow you to continue to be in my state will allow be to live a dignified life not relegated to second-class status.

JohnR said...

Speaking as a former Mormon and a current activist against H8, I worry about the efficacy of some of the temple protests on Sunday. LDS Temples are closed on Sunday. They attend their regular chapels for Sunday services and the Temples on Monday through Saturday.

Some temples are in high traffic areas even on Sundays (like the LA one on Santa Monica); others are immediately adjacent to large chapels (Stake Centers) so would have a lot of church members on Sundays (Oakland and Newport Beach), but others are in low traffic areas (San Diego). Just some suggestions for more effective and visible protests. :)

Anonymous said...

Here's another event, copy & pasted from :

The first Official Million Gay March Rally!
This will be a simoultaneous march held at 5pm in locations all over California.

Rally on Santa Monica Pier
Meet at the pier, hang on the beach, show that we won't go away.
321 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Let's keep our LA supporters mobilized. If this rally seems legit to you, please post :-)

Anonymous said...

There's going to be a march in irvine today, november 9th, at 2:15 pm. Please come! This is being put together by students! I'm still in highschool! We want to get as much support as possible!!!!!! PLEASE COME PLEASE COME! it will start at the corners of alton and culver

Anonymous said...

Guys...if you really want to get the numbers to keep this going, and get it heard on the main stream media, you need to start calling on the non-gays for help. Almost half of the population voted NO on prop 8 -- not all of those people were gay, and many of us are as outraged by the outcome of this vote as you are. But you need to start reaching out beyond our own communities and getting as many people (gay AND straight) involved in your marches as possible, or this is just going to waste away into nothing. We WANT to help, but some of the language in blogs and elsewhere makes us feel excluded -- like you don't want our help.

Andy said...

I agree with other posters here. This is an activist blog and it is intended to embolden our struggle via a concerted network. Please omit or delete the Yes on 8 posts from this blog as this is not a blog to argue about marriage or religion. Please keep this blog as intended and don't let the Yes on 8 folks water down the intention of this blog. Please. I want to be able to look at this blog and sent it to sympathizers throughtout the country about where they can go, and don't want to be sending the message of disarray. Unity. Act Up! Action = Life, Silence = Death.

Lets not forget and not let down our brethen and sisters whom many perished in the 80's who did their work. Act up!

San Francisco

Andy said...

Please keep the Yes on 8 supporters out of this blog. This blog is being subverted by them. Please monitor these posts. This *is* a political activist blog with a view, and not a blog to argue the philosophical and morality of marriage. This is a queer political activist blog. You are watering down the intentions of this blog if you introduce counter arguments. Either prohibit comments altogether and post event happenings from comments directly to the Owner of the group, or start monitoring the blogs and delete accordingly. As a seasoned political activist, you do not let the other side subvert you this way.

San Francisco

Andy said...

To the moderator of this blog. I ask that give additional thought about how the other side can learn and be swayed by having them post their bigotry on this web blog. Most people in the blog will not see this as a persuasive argument. In many ways this is a reflection of how politically naive we can be with our views about how things should be versus how they really are. Politics is dirty and one must play hard to win. One must take queue from the tightly organized network of Black churches with their own background networks that brought victory to the Obama campaign. They were tightly coordinated with a vast network that was unsubvertable with one mission in mind: to bring about victory to their cause. Obama may have said things that were transcending and not politics as usual, but it was the surrogacy underneath that did whatever that was necessary to deliver him the win. Our community should learn from that. It should not be the same business as usual. These protests should also need to be coordinated with a support network, for empowerment and sharing of resources.

Act Up! Action = Equality, Action for Equality
-Andy T
San Francisco

Anonymous said...

I just drove by the East LA "protest" -- it was 20 people standing by the side of the road holding up signs, in one of the crummiest sections of LA. This is not the way to make an impact or to get media coverage. We need to get more organized -- get more people involved (straights and queers) and get more high-profile rallys/marches going on. All these dispersed, small protests aren't going to do a damn thing.

Queers United said...

Andy I think free speech and discussion is healthy. I am not in favor of censorship unless there is a vile, or hating component to it. If you guys don't want them coming back, please simply don't respond to them.

Anonymous said...

John - I applaud you for standing up to your own community.

I am straight. But my family has a number of GLBT in it's ranks ... My uncle had the same partner for nearly 40 years before he died. I have cousins, dear friends and even my boss, who I love like a younger brother. I have loved, supported, defended and protected those in the GLBT community. And now, I feel betrayed by a group I have always held in high regard.

You see, I am a Mormon, and a place that is most holy and sacred to me has been attacked, grafitti'd and protested in front of with LIES being spread by the GLBT community. The CHURCH did NOT give money to the Yes ON 8 campaign. It was a coalition of PEOPLE from many walks of lives, races and religions including jews, catholics, evangelical christians and mormons who gave their time, energy and PERSONAL funds to a cause that was based on THEIR OWN moral compass.

Interestingly enough, Many of us Mormons voted NO on 8. But we are still being attacked.

The Mormons and other religious groups did not protest against the GLBT community when the supreme court revoked Prop 22, which came about by a democratic process, the vote of the people. The coalition just did something about it which is their right under the constitution of the United States.

Ironically, Mormons too, have experienced HATE throughout the generations. Personally, I never thought that the GLBT community would unleash such evilness upon another community who has suffered much of the same type of hate. For those of you reading this and weren't aware; in the mid 1800s Mormons were driven out of several states including New York, Illinois, Ohio and Missouri. Women were raped, men murdered, homes and church buildings burned to the ground. Why?

Because Mormons, like the GLBT community, were different than the majority of the community. And fear of such led others to commit hate crimes. I cried when I read about Matthew Shepard, as it took me back to the time in this country when Mormons suffered from the same type of treatment.

70% of Black voters voted Yes on 8. I noticed in the listing of protests that no one is protesting in front of the African Methodist (AME) Church in South Central L.A. Why is that? Are you afraid they are going to beat your behind like they did Reginald Denny in the LA Riots?

Allan said...

Any "gay" person who claims they voted Yes on 8 is not gay, never was, and sucks assholes. Any "gay" person who says forget it and move on is not gay, never was, and sucks shit through straws. And the PIG (John, Agua Dulce, CA 91390) who claims here to be gay is nothing but a LIAR and a PUNK. Those enemies who volunteered for the role by promoting Yes on 8 deserve to be annoyed, harrassed and outed as bigots. Break them financially. Turn the Mormons into the public jokes they remain in private. The leadership pushed this hard and told their sheeple to donate and they donated millions. Prop. 22 was passed because of the same horseshit from the same people and the Mormon church did donate millions of dollars to it. The Knights of Columbus should be boycotted and picketed everywhere they show their face. Religion is no protection from public-sector rage when you force your religious views onto others' lives. What you are seeing is a normal reaction from the public. Quit whining about how your precious Mormon church is being unfairly attacked. How stupid are you? It's monolithic, wealthy beyond the pale, and hates Queers. They should have been wiped out and should be made illegal due to their tacit support for polygamy. They don't seek those sects out and turn them in, so they are supporting them, all over Utah and Texas, etc. They learned nothing about discrimination when it was their turn. Yes on 8 supremacists deserve and have earned everything they've got coming. I'm not Jesus, I will not forgive.

How would you react if you were black and the KKK just pushed through and passed laws against your equality? Would you sit on your ass feeling superior to the liberty fighters or would you join the people in the streets across the country? You'd hide from the controversy, you'd lie and give up, you'd cop out, you'd be polite? Fuck you, liar. And the John you reference is a liar as well, no gay person, even a GOPher one, could ever write that anti-gay crap. Get a sign, "FRIEND" (not), and picket at the hateful AME in South Central L.A. yourself! What, are you a coward? You have no friends who are gay, and your family members who are should tell you to fuck off forever. They, and we, are thoroughly disgusted by you and your half-assed phony "love" for the Queer community.

Roomie said...

Absolutely FANTASTIC job you are doing here.

Saturday, November 15th NATIONAL Prop 8 PROTEST

10:30am PT, 1:30 pm ET.

At CITY HALL in YOUR town. for more details.

Get your friends, grab your neighbors, take your family - JUST BE THERE... No matter where you live!


What do we want? EQUAL RIGHTS When do we want it? NOW

Anonymous said...

Please correct the Saturday. Nov. 15th Join The Impact! protest. It is not Just California - It is a NATIONAL action. Check out the link...

Jeff said...

Seems a lot of people slept through Government class. Before you get your panties in a wad, why don't you check out the demographics of the yes voters on prop. 8. Seems you gays in your gay enclaves on the coasts don't get out much. And all this targeting reminds me of Hitler targeting the Jews.

Candace said...

This is not just a california issue, this is a national issue. I want to challenge anyone to support the Anti-gay legislation which has passed in Arkansas. You go up to a child and tell them they have to stay at an under funded, over crowded orphanage, or with foster parents who will most likely abuse them, all paid for by unhappy taxpayers. Because those two nice ladies over there can't adopt them. Even though they have a nice house, food, and could provide a future for them. So instead of getting two mommies, they get a life of abuse, and loneliness.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone will read this, but WE gays can't just keep targeting the MORMON churches.

PLEASE, we are going to look anti-mormon verses pro-gay!!!

Let's also protest in front of OTHER churches that came out against gays. I would love to join protest in WESTLAKE VILLAGE against the Seventh-day Adventist church CSC, who ALSO opposed gay marriage.

WHY put ALL the heat on Mormons? Let's spread our message to everyone who openly opposed us.

Queers United said...

Anonymous if you will definitely be protesting at this chuch, give me details, time place, location, and facebook group listing etc and i will list it

Anonymous said...

To you who just drove by the East LA "protest" needed to get OUT of your car and join us. That crummiest part of town needs to hear our voices too. As a matter of fact several hundred of us ended up marching to the LA Cathedral. On our way back to the park from where we began an entire Latino family had made protest signs and joined us in our march -- mom, dad, aunt, and children! Don't ignore the crummiest parts of town and the need for our voices to be heard. Perhaps it's better for you to stay in WeHo where you feel safe than to venture where the rest of us are willing to take the fight for our rights --and yours too, coward!

Equality Now SF said...

Myspace Page For San Francisco Movement

RJ said...

Please join
Up To The Minute Prop. 8 Info and More....

Candace said...

Hi everyone I am trying to start a blog for the San Diego or So. Cal movement, please let me know of any protest going on in the area. I also have a contact at fox in SD who has asked for information regarding all activities.

But first and foremost I want to create a page similar to this one, focusing on San Diego, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any more info on the Phoenix vigil?

Anonymous said...

Allan wrote: What, are you a coward? You have no friends who are gay, and your family members who are should tell you to fuck off forever. They, and we, are thoroughly disgusted by you and your half-assed phony "love" for the Queer community."

Allan, Your rude comments towards me is exactly the type of behavior that alienates the GLBT community from the mainstream and creates stereotypes. You are not doing the GLBT community any favors by acting this way. If you want eliminate hate towards yourself, you must not hate others.

My daughter is a member of the Gay-Straight alliance at her high school and suffers the taunts of her schoolmates. And my gay friends lovingly call me their fag hag. Oh yeah and I know all about slings, bareback, bears,otters and more. My church does not hate gays ... you are just repeating untruths. Stop saying vicious things and how dare you accuse me of not being a friend of the GLBT community!

Oh yeah and the reason I'm not protesting a the church in So Central? I am disabled. So if you wish to carry me, I'll carry your No on 8 sign.

You would be a jerk whether you were gay or straight.

Bound4Glory said...

Hey, I sat in to integrate lunch counters 48 years ago. What the hell is going on? Does this mean we're still not done after all that time? I'll see you in the streets. Look for "Straight 4 Gay Rights."

Shamey Cramer said...

Was at the Lincoln Park/Holy Name Cathedral dmarch today - heard talk of people attending the LA Cty Bd of Supervisors meeting in downtown this wed. nov 12 at 10am, as well as a protest at Santa Monica Pier that night starting at 5pm. Unable to provide any confirmation, but trying to get the word out for us all. Shamey Cramer,Los Angeles (served as Orange County Field Organizer for the No on Prop 22/No on Knight campaign in 1999-2000)

Tyni1 said...

PFLAG member actively posting on forums making other straights think about Gay Rights. First step is to provide a clear non-religious reason why not.

Knowledge is power. Adding your blog to some gay friendly forums.

Shamey Cramer said...

East LA is not the 'crummiest part of town' - it is where this city has its earliest European roots, and we do better to respect that history, not degrade it - give East LA the same respect you wish for yourself as a full citizen entitled to the rite of marriage, please. Si Se Puede - YES WE WILL!!!

Queers United said...

Tyni thanks for helping get the word out!

cchiovitti said...

I'm nowhere even close to California, but I'll be with everyone in spirit and sending as much positive energy as I can!!

Queers United said...

thank you cchiovitti, where are you located? there are nationwide protests/rallies has one in every state Nov 15th.

St. Brianstine said...

this is so pointless, GET OVER IT

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad we're not rolling over and taking this attack! Can I offer a suggestion? In addition to the great work everyone is doing with the state and nation wide rallies, Wouldn't it be great to mobilize and hold rallies EVERY Sunday in front of your local Mormon Temple during their Sunday Services?? They have attacked us for YEARS with no regrets - Perhaps they should see our faces every Sunday and just feel a bit of that discomfort they have tried so hard to throw into our lives... Perhaps it's time they feel some shame for their hateful actions? Any thoughts?

Queers United said...

Please if you are anonymous - make a username if you keep returning!

Second, it would not be beneficial to protest Mormon Temples on Sundays because they do not hold service on Sunday.

Dee said...

any protests going on today monday nov 10th in long beach/los angeles area??????????

Anonymous said...

I will be protesting solo today in ENCINITAS in on the corner of El Camino Real and Town Center Dr at the entrance to the shopping center from around noon until evening. If anyone would like to join me, please feel free.

Anonymous said...

People should plan a peaceful protest/vigil outside of ABC studio because of The View's Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd spreading anti-gay marriage lies and propaganda on the show.

James said...

I would like to point out that although Knights of Columbus (a Roman Catholic organization) donated money to yes on 8, Catholics voted against prop 8 in greater numbers than protestants. So while the Mormon church (which gave over 70% of the funding for prop 8) deserves to be targeted in every single protest, I think we should be mindful that Catholics, broke from their Church leadership on this and should not be targeted.

I would recommend protesting at Mormon meetinghouses every Sunday. That's where you'll be seen be every day Mormons, who will have to face their own bigotry head on. Not all of them are even allowed in their temples, so although they can be protested every day of the week, Sunday protests should focus on meetinghouses.

Anonymous said...

There will be a protest in San Jose on Saturday Nov. 15. We will meet at City Hall and march to Cesar Chavez Park. This protest will happen simultaneously with protests all over the country.

For more information, please visit, our facebook group or email

George - Long Beach said...

Another Drama Queer here. NO MORE MR NICE GAY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We need more protests in the San Fernando Valley, had one last night at Laurel and Ventura Blvd but the word did not get out enough, ( about 40 people ) too small.
One near CSUN would be good, also Universal Studios & Warner Center in Woodland Hills. Is there a site that gives EMAIL OR TEXT UPDATES? That would be very helpful reminding people to join in at every event. Lots of people could have come over from Weho to the valley last night and didn't.

Anonymous said...

I was at Lake Forest, Rancho Santa Margarita and Anaheim on Sunday and heard some people mentioning an OC rally/protest in Fullerton on Saturday, 11/15/08. This is the JOIN THE IMPACT National Fundraiser Day, but there are are absolutely no OC listings (as of 1:45pm pst) on the JOIN THE IMPACT site.

If you're the person(s) organizing the Fullerton protest/rally, get in contact with the people at:

Or if you need help setting up the OC event, let me know.

Anyone else planning on attending the protests at the LDS Church in La Jolla on Tuesday or the Encinitas (North San Diego County) protest on Wednesday? It's crucial that we get out of our comfort zones, our gay-friendly neighborhoods and end up taking this to the conservative 'burbs as well!

nheeramaneck at crww dot com

Anonymous said...

If anyone has any info on text updates, please email me at

Queers United said...

If you guys don't see protests listed become the organizer yourself, make a facebook group, use twitter, let me know and ill post all details. take charge, take the streets.

Anonymous said...

RE: It's crucial that we get out of our comfort zones, our gay-friendly neighborhoods and end up taking this to the conservative 'burbs as well! YES - such as VALENCIA CA, WOODLAND HILLS CA, SHERMAN OAKS CA, CALABASAS CA, THOUSAND OAKS CA, VENTURA CA, SANTA BARBARA CA

Anonymous said...

I'm being told now that the La Jolla (San Diego County) LDS Church Protest scheduled for Tuesday has been cancelled? I emailed the umbrella organiztation saying that I would help organize, but no one returned my email.

I can't access Facebook from work. Can anyone confirm that it's been cancelled?


ShiraAriel said...

Isn't there also a huge one planned for the 22nd in Sacramento at the capital building?

Anonymous said...

You might want to re-word the West Hollywood one that says Wednesday 12 - 7. It makes it look like it is from 12 to 7 and not that it's on Wednesday the 12th at 7.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

A new facebook event for San Diego Mormon Temple protest on Tue. Nov. 11:

Anonymous said...

Yes! I agree! The protest should look like the Gay Pride Parades in Hollywood!

Anonymous said...

The Afro-American community needs to feel the pain for handing Prop 8 to opposition. We need to have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton leading a reconciliation between our communities.

Anonymous said...

We're not a parade, people. Let the protests look like protest. Let them see your angry, hurt, frustrated, yet proud faces. But don't go into it thinking it's a parade; we're not marching to have a good time. We're marching to fight for our civil rights!

Candace said...

I know that anonymous options are good since very one can comment but perhaps there should be a required log in, since personally I would like to keep this space for those of us trying to organize, and I do welcome those who are against our struggle to leave comments, but I believe the discussions of today are just pointless and all were written by anonymous users.

Anonymous said...

Where are the protests in front of the African American churches that encouraged a "yes" vote?

Queers United said...

The comments pertaining to pedophilia have been deleted they are disgusting and unlawful, such posts will be deleted.

Queers United said...

Candance - I agree I would like to see the comments here focused on the activism with regards to prop 8, the anonymous thing drives me nuts, I wish people would post with some sort of usernames, its easy to make one.

I am fine with some side convos as long as it is related to the topic matter at hand but I will always delete homophobic, racist, violent stuff, etc

Queers United said...

Anon who said: "You might want to re-word the West Hollywood one that says Wednesday 12 - 7. It makes it look like it is from 12 to 7 and not that it's on Wednesday the 12th at 7."

Thanks so much I didn't even realize lol, glad you corrected me.

Anonymous said...


WHEN: 1:30 PM ET.


For More Information email::


David Zentz said...

I'm a photojournalist in Los Angeles looking to do a portrait series on gay couples who are married or would like to be. I'm sure this has been done before to some extent, but I thought now would be a good time to do a series that puts some faces to this issue. The webmaster recommended that I post this request here. If you think you or someone you know may be interested please contact me at

Anonymous said...

There is no sense in fighting the Mormon temples. They are simply institutions for religious services. I think it is wrong to march on their churches just because they have an opinion. Its a shame to return hate for injustice.

Anonymous said...

Do you plan on protesting in front of every church simply because their opinion differs from yours? Its somewhat hypocritical in my opinion. Express peacefully.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouses: When they (Mormons & others) try to codify their hateful opinions into law and force them on the rest of us, we are justified in protesting them. And no, we are not protesting every church. We are protesting those that voiced support for Prop 8.

Kelly said...

Like "evilsaltine" said: it has nothing to do with people having opinions and beliefs that differ from ours. We are protesting that they expect the entire state/country to abide by their "religious laws." I, personally, am not out to change a person's view on homosexuality, no matter how wrong I may think it is. We need to promote the fact that religion and God have no place in this discussion in the first place.

Todd said...

San Diego - JoinTheImpact
Protest March Against Prop 8

Join the national protest against hate!

Saturday, November 15th
10:00 a.m.
Kick-off at 6th Ave and Upas St

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for posting this list! A friend and I went to San Jose this weekend to protest because we didn't want to attend the church protest going on in SF. In SJ they were planning on having a meeting but so many people showed up wanting to march and visibly protest that it turned into a spontaneous march through SJ. Your posting this list is truly having a positive impact. Thank you so much!

alan Wheeler said...

If you want to prevent Mormons from marrying, it is pretty simple. Mormons only marry at their temples and almost all of them marry on Saturday. Temples like the one in Oakland are closed on Sundays. So is all you have to do is block the entrance to the temple every Saturday from here on out. If you don't let them through, they can't marry. Tell them they can start marrying again when gays can start marrying again.

Candace said...

Interesting idea Alan,
I think protesting Mormon Churches would be useful on Saturdays, and make a good point.

Anonymous said...

The link for the National Join the Impact protest needs to be updated. Here's the new link:

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that we need to do something, and the Mormon temples are in fact a part of the problem. They should lose their tax exemption. They have backed out of the contract that the government has always had in place for this tax exemption, therefore they lose that right. However, being hateful ourselves and condemning them to hell is not the way to go. Call them out on their hypocrisy, but do not become a hypocrite yourself. Also, do not target individual people at the temple. Stand and allow them to pass unmolested. Chant your slogans, protest the organization, but do not harm innocent people. You can't know how they voted or what they support. Don't be a jackass.

Keep up the good fight, and make sure it is, in fact, a good fight. I would be there protesting myself if I could, but alas I am currently abroad and my protesting here in Spain would do nothing... they already have marriage rights here.

Bethany said...

MY FIRST POST: First of all, realize that there are trolls on this site. The moderator has consistently refused to boot them off, so just try and recognize them and not respond. They are the "life long gay men" or "lezbos" who really aren't.

Secondly, we didn't lose this election, not fair and square anyway. Thirdly, we have a right to be angry and contest this proposition.

Sexual orientation is not a choice. So, Stop with your Bible Brain Washing and let's do some educating!! I was born this way. I live a very moral life. I deserve my rights.

Regarding getting our rights: I am thrilled to see all of the young people who have been finally awakened by this turn of events. A few suggestions from an old lady:

A. Register to vote in the Democratic Party.
B. Learn how to stage a Protest from other organizations that have done it before in your city. Go to their websites and make phone calls.
C. Don't protest too many times or in too many places because it waters down the effect and tires our your constituency.
D. Write thank you letters (YES thank you letters!) to your friends. Write to the people, officials and organizations that went out on a limb to support your cause (NAACP, CTA, Feinstein, Governor, Local churches and Jewish Congregations and other kind and honorable people who helped). PLEASE DO THIS. Go to No on 8 Website to see who was with us and THANK THEM. Especially NAACP President who made a great radio commercial appeal to black voters.

E. Reach out to honorable people everywhere.
F. People don't understand that we are ANGRY because we are FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES. (Anyone who writes into this website and says we are TOO strident isn't gay and is a probable troll.) Well, maybe it isn't very "becoming" to be so angry, but that's how we lost Prop 8 in the first place.
G. It pains me personally about blacks not helping us in this struggle because I (we) helped them in 1964 and I remember all of the things that Eleanor Roosevelt did. However, we need to forget about that struggle and move on. The Lord helps those who help themselves.

H. I have no sympathy for the Church of LDS or any Evangelical Christian Church. Know your enemies and know your friends. Fight your enemies. Join with your friends. (I realize there are honorable people everywhere, even in these churches, but gee, what are they doing there?)

FINALLY: It is time to pass the torch to our young people. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime, but change is coming. You young people will make it happen!!

If you need money, then ask for money so you can get permits, megaphones, stage rentals and people will donate to you. Tell the Supreme Court How you FEEL ! !

GO BABY GO ! ! ! !

John Bay said...

Blocking traffic in LA and harassing old ladies in Palm Springs is not helping the cause. You may be mad, but encouraging people to get out there and show how mad they are is hurting your cause. The cameras largely don't show the peaceful stuff. That doesn't make news. Instead they are getting a lens full of hate and bigotry from the side that is says its for "love and tolerance". My advice - if you can't keep your protests peaceful (and it appears you can't) it would be better to use established means (courts, a ballot initiative, etc) to achieve you ends. Fighting fire with fire leaves everyone burned. And it only takes a handful of extremists to give Islam a bad name.

PS. Why does expressing an opposing view peacefully make me a troll? There sure is a lot of name calling on this end. I haven't heard a single cruel remark form any of the people I know who voted Yes on 8. And I am certain if they had lost they would have done so more gracefully.
(Sorry, I posted this same comment on the wrong article accidentally.)

Anonymous said...

Check it out.

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