Sunday, December 7, 2008

NYC Restores Funds to Ali Forney Center

UPDATE: "Officials have restored funding for a drop-in center for homeless gay youth, a high-risk group for contracting HIV" (LGBT Youth News).

11/5/08 - The Ali Forney Center is an LGBT homeless youth shelter that operates in New York City. Due to the current financial crisis in the economy, the local government has cut funding which is now threatening the existence of the project. The $600,000 the center receives annually in assistance is their only source of income.

Please call on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to restore funding to the Ali Forney Center by clicking here and copying and pasting the following text into the contact box provided on the form.
Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

I am writing this to request your assistance in preventing the defunding of the Ali Forney Center's drop-in services to homeless LGBT youth. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has announced that in 2009 it will cease allocating HOPWA funds to the drop-in services of the Ali Forney Center, resulting in the defunding of New York City's only full time drop-in center for homeless LGBT youth. The closure of this program would create a terrible service gap for homeless LGBT youths and would put their lives at risk.

Of particular concern is the loss of HIV prevention, testing and treatment that would result from the center's closure. As recent studies have indicated that HIV is spreading most rapidly in Black and Latino men who have sex with men under the age of 30, the loss of the comprehensive and innovative HIV services at AFC's drop-in center would be catastrophic.

Please see to it that the HOPWA funds are restored, or that new funding is put in place to ensure the continuation of these invaluable services to the homeless LGBT youth of our City.
Please visit the Ali Forney Center website to donate any money, or to donate items such as food, clothing, and other items which may be useful to the center.


Diane J Standiford said...

These youth centers are so important. I wish I'd had a place to go when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

Right on! I feel like this is esp true for ethnic and racial youth. I live in Seattle and work on the res. Two-sprirt youth have such a struggle on all the res. out here. Such a hyper mas/fem world in comm. of color and ethnic group...........

Anonymous said...

In fact this is a real good news from a current world full of bad ones, congratulations from your blog! Greetings from Spain.

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