Friday, December 5, 2008

Activist Tip: Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin!

We are taught to love the sinner and to hate the sin. We must exercise compassion and provide outreach to the heterosexual community some of whom engage in the sin known as homophobia: a fear and/or hatred of homosexuals or transphobia: a fear and/or hatred of transgender people.

Find out how you rank on the homophobia scale.

Want to get more involved to fight queerphobia?

Find out what programs your local LGBT community center offers.

Find a local Parents, Friends, and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) chapter.

See if there is a safe-space training program, get certified, or start your own!

Learn more about and host a Stop the Hate workshop.

Check out the 52 things you can do to help stop transphobia!

Speak up when someone uses anti-queer terms or misrepresents the truth.

National No Name Calling Week is Jan 26-30, 2009.

Check out the Think B4 You Speak campaign.


Erik Granlund said...

The think b4 you speak commercials are amazing :D

I even submitted my own "That so..." phrase...

"That's so Proposition 8"


Dale said...

That homophobia test sucks. I thought some of the questions were badly phrased, so I answered "neither agree nor disagree". It gave me a 68% homophobic rating - so judgemental!

Yours In Homophobia

Queers United said...

Erik glad you like it.

Dale I wouldn't put too much into it, but I am considered not homophobic which is good to know.

Anonymous said...

I ranked as 'high grade non homophobic' - I think my ex girlfriend would approve ;-)

Queers United said...

me too jgrrrl, I was relieved, if I didn't make it, I might have had to close up shop on this blog and just become an "ex-gay" lol.

Anonymous said...

HA! You rock <3

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