Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Five Vigils Planned Today in Front of Catholic Cathedral's Nationwide

Dignity USA, New Ways Ministry, and Call to Action are holding 5 vigils in different cities across the country to protest the Vatican's position to not support a U.N. resolution to decriminalize homosexuality. The legislation is trying to make it illegal to imprison or execute people based on sexual orientation. The vigils will be held at various Catholic Churches listed below.

Boston, MA

6:30 PM Eastern Time
Holy Cross Cathedral
1400 Washington Street
Boston, MA
Contact Person: Rocco Pigneri, 617-421-1915,

Dallas, TX

5:30 PM Central Time
Cathedral Guadalupe
2215 Ross Avenue
Dallas, TX
Contact Person: Jon Garinn, 214-621-9530,

New York, NY

12:30 - 1:30 PM Eastern Time
Fifth Avenue & 51st Street (in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral)
New York, NY
Contact Person: Jeff Stone, 646-418-7039,

San Francisco, CA

5:00 - 7:00 PM Pacific Time
Pink Triangle Memorial Park
Castro & Market (near the northwest corner)
San Francisco, CA
Contact People: Jim McGarry or Kathy Curran,

Seattle, WA

4:45 - 5:30 PM
St. James Cathedral
804 Ninth Avenue
Seattle, WA
Contact Person: Leo N. Egashira, 206-723-4759,


Omaha Gay Village said...

Its about the gay community concentrated on more than just the Morons, I mean Mormons! Great news, I wonder how the American Catholics will cry about this one?

Larry in Miami said...

If Jesus were actually "God?" He would never allow that heirarchical bunch of closet cases use His Name to be so hateful: that is to stand AGAINST decriminalization of people who were born gay, born gay, as much as some people were born tall or short. If Jesus were God, (should I say if He came back?) his first step would be to "overturn the money changers" in the "so-called temple" His pretend followers have created.... the Vaticant, and defrock that awful pope. Oh, and, I bet that "anonymouse" hater, gay as a goose deep down, so OBSESSED with us "it" is always HERE! is watching and reading, and squirming, and wondering if I am cute? hahahaha

truthspew said...

Shit, wish I knew about this. But then I'm not connected to any religious group so that might explain it.

But at the last Prop 8 protest here in Providence, RI I recommended we go on the march and demonstrate in front of the Catholic cathedral here in Providence.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of supporting this resolution? The Catholic Church is already opposed to any form of human oppression. Passing this law would only serve to elevate gays above regular human beings.

Or is this what they've wanted all along?

Let's Face It said...

Gay activists usually pick "safe" targets. If they tried to pull that in front of any African-American Baptist churches they'd get their butts kicked.

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