Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ImpACT Florida Gathering for Governors Wedding

The group ImpACT Florida is organizing a statewide event on Dec 12th to "congratulate" Governor Charlie Crist on his wedding. The point of the event is to show the hypocrisy of the governor (who is widely speculated to be a closeted gay) to have supported proposition 2 which has now banned gay marriage in Florida. He grants himself rights, he doesn't want others to have.

Demo Information:

We will be joining together in Pink Tee Shirts and bluejeans to congratulate Governor Crist on his wedding. The wedding is set to take place at the First Methodist Church in Downtown St. Pete.
Directions: From Interstate 275 take Exit 23 toward the Pier. Continue on Interstate 375 to 4th Street North. Turn right on 4th Street and turn left on 3rd Avenue North. The church is on the left. Parking is available to the north and west of the building.

After the positive congratulatory observance. There will be a candlelight Vigil close to the Venoy in Downtown St. Pete to mourn the loss of Gays right to get married. 501 5th Avenue NE, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 USA.


jaysays said...

Wow, I'm very interested to hear more about how this plays out. Very interesting in deed. Thanks for the post!

Brian, Victim of H8 said...

There is nothing worse than a self loathing closeted gay. This man is a coward and this young woman is a victim of his lie. Don't ever let this hypocrit off the hook. A real disgrace.

CrackerLilo said...

I would have been so against this, but then I think about how betrayed I have felt since the amendment has passed (we almost skipped Christmas with my relatives back home) and how I couldn't go back to my home state to get married. (This won't surprise you, but my dream was to marry at the Daytona International Speedway, and L'Ailee would have gone along with that.) The rumors about Charlie Crist have been going on *forever*--in fact, there was a point where I just assumed he was gay and didn't know any different. The engagement and wedding are remarkably convenient in their timing, too. He got engaged when his name went on John McCain's short-list for vice president. He's marrying now that the amendment has passed and people are speculating as to whether he betrayed himself by supporting it. He doesn't want to lose another opportunity.

I don't know what's in it for the woman he's marrying, however.

I don't know. We could all be wrong; he could be straight as an arrow. And even if that were the case, he would still be in the wrong for supporting this amendment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Crackerlilo,
I do not really care if Charlie Crist is gay or straight it really does not matter as long as he does his job. But he is not wrong because he voted differently than you would. He is no more wrong than someone who voted for Obama instead of McCain. People are allowed to believe how they'd like without being called wrong because you disagree.

CrackerLilo said...

Anonymous, you are not going to convince me that it is okay that Crist can marry for what are clearly very cynical, career-enhancing reasons, yet I could not marry the love of my life at a place where I spent some of the most wonderful moments of my life, or even in my own home state. The "cracker" in my username is not a sign of allegiance to Wheat Thins or Cheez-Its. It refers to the fact that I am 10th generation Florida Cracker. I had to make a very big choice to love my wife the way she needs me to, and moved to NYC. I don't regret it; I never regret it. But I get angry.

People are "allowed" to believe how they'd like? Of course they are! Well, I am "allowed" to disagree, and to tell them I think they are wrong, and to let them exactly what they have done to injure other people. I know quite a few LGBT people back home. Several are contemplating moving elsewhere, too, including other Florida Crackers who love the state. The state doesn't love us back, unfortunately. And until you know how it feels to have *that* smack you in the face, why don't you just hang back and listen?

Anonymous said...

Your argument is full of flaws. The gay community is supposedly full of love and tolerance. But at the first moments notice that someone disagrees with you, they are somehow wrong. You only care about love and tolerance when it promotes your agenda and your idea of what is right and wrong. Love should be universal. Defining a marriage between a man and a woman does not mean that people do not love gay/lesbian people it means they do not agree with same sex marriage. Try not to confuse the two. And because I am heterosexual does not mean my voice matters any less than someone who is homosexual. You do not have to snort cocaine to know it is bad for you, somethings you know are inappropriate without personally taking part. So as for me 'hanging back and listening' why don't you do the same, since Florida, California and Arizona spoke their mind in the form of a vote.

elaygee said...

Maybe she's a fag hag and knows he's Gay. Even so, Christ deserves it.

Dar said...

It's not a matter of being disagreed with, it's not a matter of debate, or something that should even be voted on. It's our right to choose who we love and who we call family, and our anger that others think they have the right to decide for us, and tell us that our love isn't good enough to be recognized as equal to theirs.

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