Monday, December 1, 2008

World Aids Day (12-1-08)

World Aids Day is observed every December 1st. The AIDS epidemic has killed more than 25 million people around the world, including many dear and beloved members of our queer community. In addition an estimated 33 million people are living and suffering with HIV worldwide. Many lives have been claimed, many have been affected, and many people remain in the dark and do not know their status.

Click here for a national listing of HIV & STD testing resources.

It is vital to get tested regularly to ensure that you are not HIV positive, this very serious disease poses a risk not only to yourself but also to potential partners. It only takes one time to get the illness and there is no cure. Regardless of ones status it is imperative to always use protection.

HIV can be transmitted through anal, vaginal, and oral sex, and through the use of dirty and/or used needles. HIV can be transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal secretions, pre-ejaculate, and breast milk.

Please always make sure to use protection, via condoms, female condoms, and dental dams for oral-genital contact. No question is ever too stupid when it comes to dealing with sexual health, and please visit AVERT for comprehensive information on HIV/AIDS for specific countries, sexuality, and more.

On this day let us contemplate the millions of lives who have been and are currently affected by HIV/AIDS. Please use protection, educate yourself and educate others!

Stay safe, and please feel free to use the comment section to ask any questions, we are all here to help one another and no question can be deemed invalid when it comes to our sexual health.

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Laurie said...

You'd think by now that people would
understand the importance of protection!!!
As my son says 'WRAP IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT!'


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