Monday, January 26, 2009

Word of the Gay: "Particular Friendships"

"Particular friendships" refers to an emotional pairing between people that can be homosexual or asexual.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's my ESL, but I absolutely positively did not understand your definition. Can you give a for instance?

bridgeout said...

I believe I have had a couple of those.Very emotionally intimate. All the aspects of what could be a relationship... except without the sex. I think that is it, right?

Word Geek said...

smacks of that kind of single sex school mutual girl-crush that can become sexual but doesn't necessarily.
I have two ostensibly straight friends who have this. They use semiseriously use the term 'hetero lifemate'. At least one of them is in denial...

I think it means what bridgeout says but can euphemistically mean a lesbian relationship,in an archaic sort of way. Think Sarah Waters.

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