Sunday, March 30, 2008

Diversity Lesson 101: Asexuality

Part of activism on behalf of the Queer community is understanding the different communities it consists of, and we can be better advocates for other minorities by being educated and going out and seeking to educate others.

Asexuality is often misunderstood but it does in fact lie on the sexual continuum. Asexuals simply put do not experience sexual attraction. Like sexuality itself many people do not identify as strictly heterosexual or homosexual but line up on the continuum somewhere in between the Kinsey scale.


Some asexual's have some desire for aspects of sexuality while others have no desire to engage in intercourse.

(Asexual)----------(Some degree of sexuality)---------(Sexually driven)

Is Asexuality sexual dysfunction or abstinence?
Asexuality is different from sexual dysfunction because Asexual's are healthy and sexually functioning people without the sexual drive. Asexuality is also different from celibacy because abstinent individuals desire sex but choose not to engage for various reasons, whereas the asexual person has no desire for sex at all.

So Asexuals just want to be alone?
Many asexuals enjoy romantic encounters and are happily partnered, one can be involved and in love without having sex. They enjoy one anothers company and enjoy physical contact, showing affection for one another through kissing, holding hands, and being romantic without needing intercourse. On the other hand like some sexual people, some people do not feel the need to be in a relationship and prefer the single life.

Why don't they change?
Asexuals do not need to change, that is the way they were created. People cannot change their sexual orientation and asexuals cannot help the way they are. Asexuals do not feel depressed about their lack of sexuality, it isn't a component of their life and therefore they do not feel they are missing anything.

How many people are Asexual?
It is hard to estimate how much of the population is Asexual, either because people are unaware they are asexual, or do not come out with this information. A recent study in the U.K. determined up to 1% of the population self identified as asexual. With more education and outreach, more people are classifying themselves as asexuals.

Short clips on Asexuality:

Asexual Resources:


Anonymous said...

Well said! Thank you for taking the time to recognize and educate about asexuality.

alex canton said...

This is most interesting. My area of concentration was clinical sexology, with a heavy load of sexual orientation issues since 1967. But never did I see anyone with asexuality. It could be due to the fact that they really do not feel that there is a problem, whereas gays did have to face many issues, especially in my country, Panama. Though they are a minority, I think that it is not a target of rejection.
I will bring the subject up in my blog

Anonymous said...

notice how these people are all young, and havent come to terms with the reality of their sexual problem. they are sexually un-evolved. and sorry, but all the guys look gay and the girls look like lesbians. my guess, they are ashamed closet cases who grew up too close to their respective oppressive church. good luck ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

asexuality seems to be used as a cover-up to hide their gayness..I'm sorry I jus CAN'T believe in that

Anonymous said...

asexuality in its true form has nothing to do with homosexuality or bi-sexuality or heterosexuality. nor should it be confused with auto-eroticism either. Asexual individuals don't suffer from lack of sex drive..Asexuality is simply the lifestyle of not having interest in any sexual stimulation or issue. The DSM definition infers asexuality as a problem when it creates a problem for the individual or those around the individual. Which in my thinking is an oxymoron type statement when you think about it. If I am asexual I have no real interest in sexual relationships of any type,However if this is a problem for me than I must have an interest in some sort of sexual relationship, therefore how can i be asexual?

Low sex drive as a problem is very different issue If i have interest in any kind of sexual relationship no matter which sexual lifestyle it is. I may not feel adequately sexual enough for my partner (real or imagined) and this could be creating multiple issues and problems as a result.

The latter scenario is different than the first you see in that it involves desire for sexual activity and /or relationships which was not present in the former scenario.

the issues of psychiatry are issues of norms and abnorms as dictated by the "culture" in which most people exist and by "rational" thought process. but the real key issues for need of treatment lie with the identified patient and his personal level of discomfort and functioning with in the larger group.

Key Point is the DSM is no more than a reference guide for possible treatment when the identified patient presents a series of complaints or difficulties that he feels needs resolution. The DSM is not a guide for diagnosing individuals that are content with their lives and are comfortable and functioning within the larger group.

If I derive no significant enjoyment from sex and I am comfortable with that and people around me are not adversely affected than there is no problem. And that is also clearly stated in the DSM also.

Anonymous said...

Good difference between asexual,bisexual,heterosexual.

AANZ said...

Oh diddums. So according to some posters I am really a closeted / ashamed gay! Wow, what a slight - not! If I am gay well so be it. No worries on my behalf :-)

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