Friday, August 21, 2009

David Letterman Supports Marriage Equality

David Letterman in an interview with Donald Trump has come out in favor of marriage equality. This is a clear turn from his earlier transphobic commentary on the "pregnant man" and his mockery of the movie MILK. During the interview the subject of Carrie Prejean comes up and Trump says he doesn't think that a "man marrying a woman is a controversial subject" in which Letterman replies saying "let’s just go right on the record and say that anybody who wants to get married ought to be able to get married"

Thank the Late Show with David Letterman for his support for marriage equality:


bridgeout said...

Way to go Dave!! WOOHOO!
Top 10 reasons I like David Letterman:
10. his top 10 lists
9. throwing his pencil
8. his snarky humor
7. my brother was on his show
6. he's irreverent
5. he had David Sanborn in Paul's band occassionally
4. he used to wear sneakers with a suit
3. he's funnier than Leno
2. he knew the shop keepers on the street
1. he supports gay marraige!

Mewi said...

Is it just me or did Trump just agree? I don't know his position of Same Sex Marriage ^.^

Queers United said...

Cool the show responded thanking me for supporting the show.

Queers United said...

Mewi Trump seems to be anti-gay but he doesn't state his position one way or the other.

Kevin B said...

Look at Donald's reaction to the statement that Dave makes. This does show how he stands on the Issue. But Thank You Dave for the support.

Vanessa Law said...

Hmm... I'm not sure if this is an expression of what they think, or what they think will be most popular with the audience.

Shawn Landis, Philadelphia Asexual Examiner said...

I think you're taking some of David Letterman's comments too seriously here.

Vanessa Law said...

Haha, great irony there. 'Community takes comedians comments too seriously'.

Delayne Corle said...

I'm pleased that he said it - humor or not. Funny in a way - I'm gay, and an almost rabid supporter of equal marriage rights.....but my views on MYSELF marrying more closely resemble the second part of his remark, hehe........"why whould heterosexuals be the only ones miserable?" LOL! I'll take what I can get - and considering some of his previous iffyness, this is a ringing endorsement from Letterman.

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