Monday, August 31, 2009

Let Tucker Carlson Know Our Families are Not "Controversial"

Tucker Carlson in an interview on Fox & Friends discussing efforts to prevent bullying among youth through age appropriate discussion about sexual orientation and gender identity is calling books, and films about gay families a "controversial subject" and an effort to "push political propaganda." He goes on to say that there is no evidence of violence based on sexual orientation in those early grades.

We know all too well after the murder of twelve year old Lawrence King and others that hatred starts at a young age and anti-gay rhetoric is heavily prevalent among our nations youth.

Taking one day out of a year, or one segment of a lesson to teach about respect, and diversity is not "wasting time" for our kids. Would Tucker also say the same about other identities that are or were deemed "controversial" at some point?

Reading about gay penguins, Heather having two mommies, or watching It's Elementary is far from controversial, it is those who are against this that are , in the words of Mr. Carlson pushing "value judgments and political propaganda."

How ironic that Fox News brings on someone who himself is the perpetrator of anti-gay violence in the past to discuss anti-bullying methods.

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Dairyqueen said...

You think he and Fox News is even going to care about anything the GLBT community has to say after that interview? Write all you want to Faux News Network, they don't care about us or our feelings. If they did, they wouldn't put out such outrageous lies and mistruths.

Unknown said...

I agree with Dairyqueen, Fox dosen't give a poop about any group of people that don't fit their "norm". I am a "straight" (hate that term) divorced 47yr old woman and frankly, Mr Tucker are full of doodoo. Have a nice day. :]

Anonymous said...

Oh No! no gay penguin books!

raymoej said...

Great points!
Dairyqueen hit the nail on the head, speaking of Faux News.

Shawn Landis, Philadelphia Asexual Examiner said...

Isn't this the same guy who asked AVEN founder, David Jay, why he hadn't found a cure for cancer with all his free time?

Queers United said...

Shawn I believe I remember him saying that during one of the interviews. I wouldn't put it past him, he may also have said "are you sure you aren't just gay?" it could have been someone else not sure.

Mewi said...

WOW Tucker just came out the homophobic closet, watch out everyone! Another Fox News caster is a homophobe! *shocked and surprised*


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