Monday, August 10, 2009

Word of the Gay: "Asexual Slang"

"Asexual Slang" are words that have been growing out of the increased movement by asexuals to congregate online and offline. Words describing the identity and growing culture and movement have and are being developed on an ongoing basis.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating! I love the words you come up with!

KC the MoUsY spell-checker said...

Oh, hey, it's a word about words! xD

Jeff Flaster said...

Hi i'm a homoRomantic asexual or gay asexual. I started a social network for all gay,bi,lesbian,trans,instersexual,queer,& questioning asexual. So I hope you guys will join me in continuing to make more community spaces for us. I look forward to meeting everyone.jeff

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