Saturday, September 12, 2009

Protest Rally At Atlanta Eagle Over Police Raid

A rally is set for Sunday Sept 13th from 5-8pm to protest the raid of a gay bar in Atlanta Georgia. Patrons say the bar was raided for no reason and that people were forced onto the ground, searched for drugs, and dealt with derogatory and mean spirited remarks and attitude from the police department. No drugs were found, but arrests were made, and the GLBT community is demanding answers about this unnecessary and forceful raid.

Sunday, Sept 13th
The Eagle Atlanta
306 Ponce De Leon Ave
Atlanta, GA
5-8 PM

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Anonymous said...

No bar patrons were arrested, but 8 employees were indeed arrested and spent one night in jail.

Unknown said...

It should be made clear that in fact 8 people were arrested but none for drugs

Anonymous said...

There was a reason that everyone is trying to side step, which was they had a back room with sex going on in the bar! I'm a gay man and definitely do stand for harrasment but if you're doing something illegal you can't be so self righteous

Anonymous said...

I am a City of Atlanta police officer and I happen to be gay. My partner and I are both very upset at the treatment of the "HUMAN BEINGS" that were present during this raid at the Eagle Atlanta. I was not there and certainly not a part of the raid, therefore I can not comment on that. I can only take what those that were present have passed on through the media and form my opinions based on what they have reported and assume what they say is factual. The mistreament of any law abiding citizens is unacceptable, and is NOT a gay or straight issue... It is however a human rights issue and should be recognized and addressed as such. Let us all come together as "PEOPLE" and take a stand for change. My concern is that as far as I understand it, NONE of those present that felt they were mistreated and violated have filed a formal complaint with the authorities. Without doing so your voices will not be heard and nothing will be done. You can not sit back and expect that will happen without taking that step.
If there was infact illegal activity going on as the anonymous post above suggests, take responsibiltiy for that. Having said that it does not excuse the alledged disrespectful and insensitive way the situation was handeled.

libhom said...

Sometimes, the South is so depressing to me.

guyn2gear said...

"There was a reason that everyone is trying to side step, which was they had a back room with sex going on in the bar!"

Where? I wanna see!

(Hint: I know the owners personally and I know the actual structure of the building. While this may have been true in the past, it's not true anymore. I can point you in the direction of one particularly popular bar in the Cheshire Bridge Porn District if you're looking for in-bar sex.)

Anonymous said...

This city is truly so sad. Nothing fun to do anymore. They took Backstreet from us because of the arrogant and selfish Streights that just had to have a precious condo right in the middle of party central. No more Hot Atlanta weekend (which brought in profit for the CITY). Oh and Bars have to close at 12 midnight on Sunday what a joke to make so many people miserable so one or two can have thier way.How Hokie and Peyton Place is that? But the biggest dissappointment is the way they changed GAY Pride A celebration and also a holiday for many Gays from June to October. Just to satisfy this city's whimsal ways let's move Thanksgiving to fucking July. Then we could all get together and bring a covered dish supper to the Drought Stricken Park. When you asswipes mess with the Eagle you have gone to far. Shirley you better look out cause the clock is ticking on the reign of your Neglect and quite frankly Nothingless term of office.

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