Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion Sunday

Please feel free to share any links to queer or queer related topics of interest. You can post a blog entry you made, a website you found interesting. Anything goes as long as it is queer in nature.


Anonymous said...

I welcome everyone to check out my blog, which regularly challenges religious privilege and advocates for LGBT issues!

I welcome your comments and dialogue!

Little Rainbow Comics said...

OK - Please check out my blog! Little Rainbow Comics - the adventures of three queer kids

Anonymous said...

AAACK! I so want to use this but I can't paste a URL in here... HELP!! :-/
Are you a bridge builder for our LGBT community? Visit my blog and click the Bridge Builder Award badge... nominate yourself and I will come check out your site/blog.
Thanks friends!

Anonymous said...

Free Workshops for LGBTQ Parents, from ihi/Family Q

Date: Oct 21, 2009

Time: 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Where: New York, New York

HaydenLR said...

Circle of Dionysos
At the Crossroads of Gender, Sexuality and Spirituality

Our current article: Scandal. Cross Dressing. Misogyny?


Geekgirl said...

We at jaysays are inviting LGBT activists and people who work in the LGBT community to be a guest blogger. We are highlighting today's Heroes who will be tomorrow's LGBT history during October.

Pia Veleno said...

Vampires are real and their hunters are made with one careless bite. Visit CRANK for a twice weekly ongoing serial ficblog with GLBT characters.


The conservative group One Million Moms is protesting the new ABC comedy Modern Family. They're offended by the fact that the family in the show is "multicultural" and includes a gay couple that has recently adopted a baby.

Anonymous said...

The "You Are Loved" Chalk Project.

During the 2005-2006 academic year, students at Drew University began penning inspirational messages in sidewalk chalk that read, "You are loved," "You are wonderful," and "You are beautiful."

These chalk messages quickly became a familiar quirk around Drew's campus - popping up every Coming Out Week and Day of Silence to remind members of the GLBTQ community that they are loved - and that their love is appreciated.

In April of 2009, a member of Montclair State University's Spectrums approached one of the original authors of the chalk messages. She asked her if the initiative could be made statewide.

****Why stop at statewide?****

This year, we are asking colleges and high schools everywhere to participate in the chalk message project.

All that is required is a simple piece of sidewalk chalk - and a couple of your own inspirational, positive quotes. Write these quotes all over the grounds of your campus - for everyone to see.

We also highly encourage schools participating to write an opinions piece to your school newspaper explaining the meaning behind the project. Let's educate society on the need for loving dialogue rather than divisive hate speech.

e_journeys said...

Recently formed: The Outer Alliance, "a group of SF/F writers who have come together as allies for the advocacy of LGBT issues in literature. Made up of individuals of all walks of life, our goal is to educate, support, and celebrate LGBT contributions in the science-fiction and fantasy genres."

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