Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Affirmation Declaration

The Affirmation Declaration is a statement that expresses the convictions of Christians all over the world. It was written in response to the now famous Manhattan Declaration, to correct egregious errors contained in the document, errors that have been preached in the pulpits of many local churches for far too long.

With the growing notoriety and support for the Manhattan Declaration, our Affirmation Declaration reflects an urgent need to respond to the portion of the Manhattan Declaration dealing with issues related to sexual orientation—specifically, homosexuality and same-sex marriage. We strongly disagree with the contention that same-sex attractions and the oft-resulting romantic activities are immoral.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I've signed!

CrackerLilo said...

I'm really glad this is being done, and hope it has way more signers than the Manhattan Declaration. I'm not Christian, but I know the world has many Christians in it and that Christianity itself is a very, very big tent.

Merlyn said...

This is great to see. I hope many, many people of faith will sign this and take a stand against hatred and bigotry.

libhom said...

People need to get over their religious superstitions entirely. The heterosexism, the misogyny, and the pro slavery ideology of the Bible are examples of the insanity that permeates all religious tomes.

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